Top nursery styling tips with Carly Dibble

Carly Dibble, Brisbane Property Stylist and Interior Decorator of Meraki Home Design provides her top nursery styling tips and how to decorate a room that is stylish, practical and timeless.

Whilst every nursery needs to maintain practicality, it’s possible to create a relaxing and calming environment that encourages sleep. Carly shares her planning secrets so that it’s possible to design a functional yet gorgeous nursery for your baby.  

Side Table - Adairs, Swan Night Light - Adairs, Artwork - My Hidden Forest


1. “A neutral colour palette is the key to a great child’s room. You can subtly or dramatically change the room by using cost-effective solutions and playful decadence. Wallpapers and wall stickers are a cost-effective way to help transform the space.”

2. “Something new – not just pink and blue. When designing a nursery, neutral paint is typically preferred and it’s gender neutral. Paint should be your best friend. Don’t be afraid to use it. It has impact and can change as your child does! Toddler time presents the perfect opportunity to add a little fresh paint and accents in taste with your tot’s interests.”

3. “Best to position the cot in the corner of the room as it will help to open up the space and give you an open zone for playtime.” 

Cushions - Nana Huchy, Doll – Adairs, Sheets - Mulberry Threads Co
Bookshelf - Petite Jolie Kids, Flamingo wall decal - Little Rae Prints, Little House storage boxes - Gold, Frankincense + Myrrh


4. “Book cases are perfect for a nursery. They help to define a space and can add a dramatic feature to the room. It’s important you read your space first and find a bookshelf that fits! Small bookshelves in a large room may be lost- whilst large bookshelves in a small room will be too overpowering.”

5. “Introduce warmth into your children’s room with a statement throw or rug that is durable, made from quality material and will help protect the carpet underneath from unexpected thrills and spills.”

6. “A canopy is fast becoming the must-have addition to a nursery or pre-school environment. These dreamy overhead accents make such a great addition to any nursery, kids’ bedroom or even playroom.”

Rocking chair - Adair's, Wheeled Basket - Olli Ella, Wunderlust Organic Wrap - Snuggle Hunny Kids

SPACI-AL Awareness

7. “There are a million bits and pieces that come with kids, so good storage is essential.  Invest in something that can adapt as your child grows like a combination of shelves, drawers and hanging spaces to hide the clutter behind closed doors.”

8. “Vintage has made a big come-back. Add a little touch of vintage enchantment and share a piece of the past with your little ones. Create vintage-inspired magic with satin ribbon, macramé, name plaques or decorative hooks for hanging hats and bags.”

9. “The storage zone is transitional, meaning this space may change as the child grows. To begin with, it would be a change table for new-borns and toddlers. Later, this can be replaced with toy storage baskets and hampers (preferably ones with lids), a set of drawers and shelving. The key to keeping the storage zone usable is by selecting furniture pieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional.”

Canopy - Spinkie Baby, Mobile - Alimrose, Wallpaper - Minnie and Me Interiors, Blanket - Alimrose


10. “Window treatments are an important element in a nursery. They provide privacy, keep the room dark for sleeping and depending on the fabric can regulate temperature. Soft sheers add delicate softness and help to empower rather than overwhelm a room. Alternatively, ‘Black-out’ with a black-out curtain which provides a practical way to darken the room.”

11. “Bring your child’s room to life with characters from their favourite storybook. Framing can be cost-effective and you can update the artwork regularly.”

12. “When decorating a nursery, safety should take priority over looks and decor. Secure all bookshelves, artwork, wall hangings and mobiles to the wall/ceiling at a good distance away from baby.”


Canopy: Spinkie Baby, Mobile: Alimrose, Wallpaper: Minnie and Me Interiors, Sheets: Mulberry Threads Co, Star Cushions – Nana Huchy, Blanket: Alimrose, Rocking Chair, Side Table and Swan Night Light: Adairs

INTERIORS by Carly Dibble of Meraki Home Design

PHOTOGRAPHY by Villa Styling

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