Behind The Brand: Tasman Eco

Founded by Steve Cenatiempo in 2004, Tasman Eco is dedicated to bringing safe, beautiful, functional nursery furniture to Australian families with a passion for quality products and innovation. As an Australian-owned, family operated business Tasman Eco has been designing and manufacturing baby cots, bassinets, nursery drawers, compact cots, baby cot mattresses and other nursery accessories for more than 20 years. “Across the Tasman Eco range there is a focus on utilising sustainable materials and design principles to meet the needs of Australian families. We are passionate about furniture pieces that not only look beautiful, but also meet the strict compliance standards for safety which is very important” says Carla, Marketing Lead at Tasman Eco.

Family is Everything 

As a true family-owned and family-run business, Steve’s two children, John and Carla both work at Tasman Eco, with John managing operations and logistics, and Carla heading up marketing, together with her husband who handles the eCommerce and business strategy. Carla adds “It’s a close-knit group and service is an incredibly important driver for us, ensuring that our customers are taken care of.” 

Tasman Eco understands the importance of quality and safety when it comes to choosing furniture for your growing family. That’s why they are passionate about supporting families that are less fortunate. “We want all families to have a safe and secure sleeping space for their child, a place that makes those early days, weeks and months that little bit easier. Tasman Eco is proud to continue working with a network of Australian charities, who are providing our nursery products families in need.”

Elements of Design 

When designing the product range, consideration is given to safety, materials and the experience for parents and their children. Whilst the Tasman Eco range has traditionally been designed in-house, collaborations with Skeehan Studio and Durie Designs have generated new concepts and ideas bringing a fresh perspective to the products with Carla explaining, “at the moment we are really focusing on how we can push and progress our range, to a point that they are led by design and functionality, working with experts in the design space.” 

A stunning example of this ethos is The Willow Collection, designed in partnership with Skeehan Studio. With beautiful details, curves and hand-finished surfaces, the Willow Collection is made using sustainably sourced, environmentally considered materials. Designed to suit contemporary interiors, whilst maintaining classic design features, the Willow Cot has a smooth, clean and minimal finish. “We went through multiple variations of the cot, engaging with parents throughout the design process to gain understanding about what is important to them. We think its beauty comes from the hand finished curves, textures and softness.” 

The Willow Collection has been a huge hit with Tasman Eco customers and it sold out, due to be back in stock at the end of June. “We are thrilled by the response to the new range as it was a direction we were keen to explore for the brand. Working with Skeehan Studio was a very enjoyable journey and the products are result of our shared values that good design is key for a growing family.” 

Creating a Nursery

Setting up a nursery for your little one is an exciting time, with many considerations such as functionality and space. Carla shares her tips for anyone selecting nursery furniture:  

1. Assess the space that you have and the key furniture pieces that you need, starting with your baby cot.

“The Cot is often the hero piece in your nursery and it is our hope that your Tasman Eco cot will be a cherished piece of nursery furniture for many years to come. The benefit of the full size cots are they can transition from a bassinet height, through to cot height and then onwards to a toddler bed as your baby grows. Our Compact Baby Cots are designed for families to save space in the home and are perfect for apartment living. Our Compact Baby Cots are smaller in size, easy to move around and fit through a standard sized door, to keep your baby close.”

2. Storage solutions: you can never have enough! Do you have a wardrobe, shelves or require a chest of drawers

“Depending on the space you have, a chest of drawers with a change top is an excellent space-saving option if you can’t fit multiple furniture pieces in your nursery. Our chests of drawers are beautiful in design and functionality and will last a lifetime. Each with plenty of storage space for your necessities, like nappies, clothing and blankets, they will be a valuable piece of storage in your nursery and well into the future.”

3. Consider any other furniture pieces such as a bassinet, stand-alone changetable or feeding chair

“Babies will generally sleep in a bassinet for 3 – 6 months. They are a popular option for many families looking for a safe, comfortable, and functional sleeping solution for their newborns. Plus, our bassinets are equipped with wheels or castors for easy mobility, so you can keep your baby close to you wherever you are in the house. We also have a handy changetable that features open shelving to store all the newborn necessities like nappies, wipes and changes of clothes!”  

The Tasman Eco nursery packages include a baby cot, a baby mattress, fitted sheets and a mattress protector, all of which are absolute essentials. From there, you can personalise the space with decor items and artwork to create a stylish haven for your little one.

Looking ahead to the future, Carla says “We plan to grow and push our designs further, working with experts in their field to create considered products for growing families. We want to give our designs every opportunity to shine and ensure both parents and children can enjoy our products with complete peace of mind.”

Tasman Eco is available online or you can check our their range in person at a trusted stockist near you

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