Lockdown Wardrobe Must-Haves

Stuck in a lockdown fashion rut? Can’t get out of your activewear? We ask stylist Amelia McFarlane from Colour Me In Styling, for her sustainable and ethical fashion picks to get you through lockdown. As a mother of three kids, juggling a small business and homeschool, she knows a thing or two about #mumlife and the importance of keeping things comfortable. Amelia is passionate about colour and the way it can make you feel, be it calmer, happier or energised – there is a colour for every mood!  

“My main aim is to enhance a client’s natural sense of style

so that ultimately they feel like a more vibrant and confident version of themselves.” 

Lockdown Fashion 

There is no doubt that lockdown has changed the way we dress. Working from home and conducting home-based learning means that we no longer reach for the work-wear or even denim jeans – it’s straight to the trackies or activewear. Hello elasticated waistbands! I’ll be the first to admit that trackies have come a long way and some might say, acceptable for ‘outside of the home’ attire?! We are certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to the range of loungewear and activewear that’s now available.  But today, we wanted to share with you a couple of items that we have selected for comfort and cosiness whilst upping the ante when it comes to lockdown #farshun.

“Tracksuit pants too good to be true (in terms of comfort). A great colour to work in with other block coloured sweats”

A jumper that feels like wearing a blanket”

“The sneaker trend is here to stay, and there are so many cool options around” 

“all dressed up and no where to go…”

“Bold red lip, because why not?” 

“Luxe wool socks to keep you toasty”

“So handy for those lockdown walks, fits the essentials (phone, keys, lipbalm etc) plus a tote bag for groceries, swimmers or snacks”

“A relaxed boyfriend jean in organic cotton”

“Must-have item given how much you are walking the dog, or with the kids at the park”


Amelia wears jumper by Gorman

1. When you’re having a ‘can’t be bothered’ kind of day, what are your remedies to get out of a funk? 

“Exercise. Then a shower followed by a face mask and slathering moisturiser over your whole body. Tell yourself positive affirmations like “my body deserves love and respect” and “I love my body as it is today”. Next, put on a little make-up, for example a tinted moisturiser, concealer and a lip-to-cheek tint. Mascara if you’re feeling really outrageous! Finally, embrace uplifting colour in whatever you wear! Buy yourself some flowers.  A bath with epsom salts and reading a book is a lovely way to close out a tough day.”

2. During lockdown, what has been your self-care routine to stay happy and sane?! 

“Wearing a little make up and putting on something I feel good in is really helping. Putting on a dress at least one day a week. Usually on a Friday. I love FANCY FRIDAY (check out Insta for this!) Wearing accessories at least one day a week because this helps me feel in-tune with my femininity, creativity and sense of sense expression. Ultimately dressing for ME. Trying to resist buying loads of tracksuits and working with what I have in current wardrobe. However, I may succumb to one last tracksuit combo! Despite my love of creating colour combos, this time I will go for head to toe in the same colour because I love the overall impact! I am loving comfortable luxurious socks and lush woollen knits.”
3. Favourite TV show or Podcast you’re watching/listening to? 

“Ted Lasso, an Apple TV series that surprised me as I wasn’t too sure at the start. You come to love many of the characters and it’s great if you appreciate British humour. Podcasts I love are ABC’s  ‘Big Ideas’ and ‘Conversations’.”

4. How has lockdown changed the way you’re working with your clients? 
“I am doing lots of remote FaceTime sessions with clients all over Australia. We have a chat talking through current wardrobe and then I go away and research some tailored suggestions. My clients get on a roll, feeling good about themselves, knowing their colours and having a selection of lovely go-to outfits.”
5. Can you share with us 3 of your top Instagram accounts for colour inspiration? 

Check out Amelia’s inspiring Instagram feed and her website for the more details about her services and styling packages.


For Amelia’s tips for new mums, click here 

By the way, this post is not sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links… just products we genuinely love and wanted to share!

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