The Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor Arrives in Australia

If you are expecting a baby you might be starting a list of the things your baby will need, not to mention selecting the nursery furniture and creating a beautiful space for your little one. Having a newborn is a huge transition and as a first-time parent, navigating all these challenges on the job can be a lot – sometimes with little or no sleep. Baby monitors have been around for a long time, but the Nanit Pro is more than just a baby monitor. Not only is it easy on the eye, but it is also packed with smarts that can track your baby’s sleep patterns, monitor room temperature and has a built-in white noise machine (to name a few).

Even if you live in an apartment, the Nanit Pro is a smart system that provides excellent quality audio and a crystal clear picture of baby even in the middle of the night. No more tip-toeing into the nursery or worrying about stepping on that creaky floorboard! The Nanit Pro has a HD camera and night vision, plus a load of other features that are just a tap away, via the easy-to-use app.

Now the Nanit Pro is available in Australia, so we are sharing the benefits of the smartest baby monitor on the market and how you can incorporate it into your nursery without compromising on style.

Nanit Pro Wall Mount
Photo by @Stylelikemelly.t featuring the Nanit Pro Wall Mount

What is the Nanit Pro?

The Nanit Pro is the ultimate in technology when it comes to baby monitors and provides peace of mind to parents and carers. With exceptional quality audio and high-definition video, it provides a clear overhead view of the baby’s cot during the day or night. Compact and stylish, the Nanit Pro takes the guess-work out of sleep. Features include a HD video that streams straight to your smart phone, humidity and room temperature monitor and the ability to track baby’s sleep patterns (like how long it took your baby to fall asleep and if they woke up during the night). All these insights are available on the Nanit app.

94% of parents that use Nanit say they sleep better (yay for sleep!). According to Amelia Lamont, midwife, mama to 3 little ones and founder of baby sleep blog @themidwifemumma a baby monitor “gives you that extra sense of security with your baby’s sleep, particularly those parents who are a little anxious or are bringing a baby home from hospital for the first time.”

All you need is to download the app onto your smart phone or tablet and you have a baby monitor on the go. This is especially handy when going back to work or if baby is being cared for by someone else, as you can check-in on baby via the app.

Nanit Pro Floor Stand
Photo by @daniellemoss_ featuring the Nanit Pro Floor Stand

Safety without compromising style 

The Nanit Pro can be wall-mounted to blend seamlessly with modern nurseries, keeping cords out of sight and tucked away from little fingers. Wall-mounting is a great solution for rooms with limited space or toddlers that are on the move. Minimalist in style, the camera won’t detract from other décor or wall art in baby’s room. 

There is also the option of a floor-stand which allows you to move the monitor around your home from room to room, a great alternative if you are in a rental. Nanit Pro also works wonders for bigger homes where the bedrooms might be upstairs, so there is no need to leave the couch when checking on baby. An optional extra is the multi-stand, a portable, compact table stand that allows you to take the Nanit on your travels.

For a little #nurseryinspo we have included some gorgeous examples of nurseries where the Nanit Pro has been incorporated without taking away from the overall aesthetic. If you’re planning a feature wall or a statement piece of art, the Nanit Pro balances style and practicality for parents without sacrificing the design of a modern-day nursery. 

Nanit Pro Floor Stand
Photo by @mellypook featuring the Nanit Pro Floor Stand

The Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System – $599


  • Nanit Pro Camera
  • 1 x wall-mount
  • 1 x multi-stand 
  • 1 x Small (0-3M) Breathing Band
  • 1 x Large (3-24M) Breathing Band
  • 1 x Small (0-3M) Nanit Swaddle
  • two-factor authentication, bank certified security Bit Encryption plus INPAA approval 
  • Insights Basic for 12 months, including activity clips, sleep history and personalised sleep tips 

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