Reusable Colouring Mats by Little Change Creators


A creative activity that is reusable, mindful and most of all – fun! These environmentally-conscious kits include a double-sided silicone mat, made from premium, food-grade silicone. Little kids (and big kids!) can reuse the colouring mats over and over by wiping them clean. No more half-used colouring-in books – simply flip it and keep on colouring! Little creatives will love the choice of gender-neutral designs, like ‘outer space‘, ‘spellbound‘ and ‘our world. Kids can unplug and dive into a mindful activity that will also give parents and carers a quiet moment. Mum of two and creative director Paige McInnes chats with us today, sharing her motherhood moments and the creative journey that led her to Little Change Creators.

How did you start Little Change Creators?

“Before parenthood, I was a Police Artist, a Designer at IKEA and a School Art Teacher in Sweden. When I became a mum, I wanted to be devoted and present for my kids. We had no extended family to rely upon and my husband often travelled interstate and abroad for work. This meant I was consumed by motherhood, which was often demanding and exhausting. I made a commitment to myself to take the kids out each day and to treat myself to a coffee along the way. However, these café stops weren’t always the mindful moment I craved. But, I just couldn’t bring myself to hand my children a phone or tablet so that I could ‘buy’ a little me-time. That’s when the light-bulb went off…”

Tell us what inspires your designs?

“I love all things colour and I know from experience that kids love it too. That’s why my products are bright, bold and playful. My current designs are inspired by the things that my own kids enjoy or are curious about. As a mum of a son and a daughter, I’m well-aware of the additional costs that come with purchasing for both sexes. It’s one of the reasons why I create pieces that are gender-neutral and can be swapped amongst siblings, relatives and friends.”

Please give us an overview of the products in the Little Change Creators range

Little Change Creators Re-FUN-able™ Colouring Sets are designed for repeat use. Each set includes a reversible silicone mat with captivating illustrations plus 12 markers, an easy-clean cloth, a fabric storage bag and an incentive to create positive change. All gender-neutral designs are dishwasher-safe for germ-free fun and come in repurposable eco-packaging.” 

How important is it to you to produce ethically and sustainably, and how are you managing this within your business?

“We make our sets from premium materials, for safety and sustainability. The silicone we use in our RE-FUN-able™ Colouring Sets is derived from natural elements such as silica (sand), oxygen, carbon and hydrogen.  However, not all silicone is created equal. We use only premium, food-grade silicone that’s non-toxic and FDA-approved. Our silicone is free of harmful chemicals such as BPA, BPS, PVC, phthalates and lead. It’s also highly-durable, withstanding both heating and freezing without emitting any nasty chemicals (unlike many plastics and synthetic rubbers). Additionally, the non-porous surface prevents bacteria from forming, making it a really hygienic material for kids!

Our packaging is thoughtfully-designed for repurposing as additional craft activities for kids. This helps to reduce waste while encouraging kids to consider reusing and recycling materials. All our packaging and printed matter is produced by a local, family-owned print press using only FSC-certified cardstock. To promote a circular economy, we also urge our customers to share, swap or donate their products. Additionally, we offer to reclaim used or unwanted marker pens, colouring mats and cloth bags for us to recycle through Terracycle.

Little Change Creators carefully chooses how it does business. This means we choose sea freight over air freight, recyclables over single-use and specifically request no plastic wrappings during manufacturing or shipping. We aren’t perfect but we’re constantly looking for ways to improve.”

Do you work with any charity partners? 

“Little Change Creators is a proud partner of Little Dreamers Australia, donating products to kids who provide unpaid care to family members with a disability, illness or addiction. This means customers can feel good knowing that their purchase has made a difference to another child’s life.” 

What is the most rewarding part of owning your business?

“When my kids get excited about seeing Mummy’s products used by other people. Also the flexibility to be with my kids whenever they need me.” 


Quick Fire Q’s

(Instagram) Fave scroll stopper: Stop-motion animations.

(Design Style) Less is more or more is more: Less is more, unless it’s colour!

(Netflix) Can’t switch off: I don’t get time for TV!

(Motherhood) Defining parenting moment: When my first-born entered the world prematurely I realised then that I was no longer fully in control of my life.

(Mindfulness) Quote that best sums you up: “Imagination and creativity can change the world. Stop scrolling and start creating!”

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