Personalised Storage Solutions from Lenny & Fox

We are excited to share a new Australian children’s lifestyle brand – Lenny & Fox. Born out of the necessity for storage solutions that would work in tight spaces and double as unique, personalised wall art for your little one. With a goal to help families streamline their lives and organise all those bits and pieces, Lenny & Fox are designing products that are forever functional, beautiful and affordable.

For those who don’t know Lenny & Fox already, how would you describe your business and brand?

“When Lenny & Fox began we were juggling first-time parenting with running a hectic marketing and media agency. Nothing’s more demanding than babies and clients! Inspired to bring some calm and order to our world, an idea for beautiful, bespoke, and personalised wall hangers and shelves that double as nursery art was born.”

Tell us a bit about your key drivers and business philosophies?

“We know how hard being a new mum, toddler mum, mum of many, fur mum, expectant mum, and the rest, can be. So we ensure our products are functional, durable, cost effective, sustainable, local/Australian made, beautiful and customisable through personalisation. Once you personalise our hangers and shelves and style them your way, no two products ever look the same. We have exacting standards and conduct ourselves with uncompromising integrity. And we’re always thinking about how we can innovate and elevate our products and the customer experience.”

What are your passions and visions of the business?

“To simplify those rooms in the house that can become overwhelming and over-run by clothes and toys. The fact that our products fulfil multiple needs (storage, display, function, and art), means we’re creating spacial efficiency and therefore less expense for our customers in the long run.”

Nursery Storage Cabinet
Shadow Fox Wall Shelves in Sage - $495.00

Please give us an overview of the products in the Lenny & Fox range and what inspires your designs?

“The Personalised Pastel Wall Hanger and the Shadow Fox Wall Shelves are designed by us and manufactured in Victoria. Both products were created from need – from storage and spatial economy for parents raising children in tight spaces, to showcasing precious gifts, favourite teddies, shoes, clothes, heirlooms, keepsakes and more. 

Our Shadow Fox Wall Shelves are the perfect preparation for new arrivals. It is both a delightful display piece and a “work station” for creams, wipes, essentials and more. It is ultra-handy if mounted near the change table for everything to be in arm’s reach and will become the nursery essential you never knew you couldn’t live without. Not to mention a wondrous idea for family and friends looking for an original gift.

And the Personalised Pastel Wall Hanger came from the same thinking. As your little one starts to develop their own sense of style, their favourite clothes, jackets, backpacks, and robes which need to be stored neatly and within easy reach, the Personalised Pastel Wall Hanger is a beautiful piece of wall art that houses everything you need within arm’s reach.

Both products are 100% Australian Made, crafted from Australian timber, and painted in a variety of gorgeous, modern “kids” colours. With wooden personalised lettering and cute animal shapes, they come with super-easy wall mounting instructions and everything you need to do so.

Additionally, we have carefully curated a range of toys and fun to complement our meticulous designs. From developmental tools like puzzles, blocks and sensory aids, to comforters and plush toys that will become your child’s favourite friends. And then there are some really cute toys that we just couldn’t resist!

So, no matter your location or space, forever functional, beautiful, affordable, and efficient, Lenny & Fox personalised wall hangers and shelves will be an endearing, enduring home for your little one’s most valuable treasures.

Wall Hanger Storage
Pastel Wall Hanger - Square Edge - $89.00
Kids Wall Hanger
Pastel Wall Hanger - Round Edge - $89.00

Looking to the future, what are some of your goals for the business?

“We love what we do so much, but we know we are a niche offering in space efficiency, ‘aesthetics and décor’, baby learning, development and fun. So we’d love to expand our horizons and provide more lifestyle offerings for bubs and mums. In the future, we’d love to extend our offering beyond just “parenting” and delve into other facets of mum life, be that apparel, fitness, mindfulness or indeed other categories all together… the sky is the limit.”

How important is it to you to produce ethically and sustainably, and how are you managing this within your business?

“Sustainability is at the forefront of our thinking. In manufacturing terms we partner with suppliers whose materials are responsibly sourced from certified & managed plantation forests that apply sustainable timber resource management and low environmental impact practices. 

Our non-proprietary products are sourced from producers and suppliers who manufacture to strict quality and safety standards, meeting both Australian and International requirements. We actively seek suppliers dedicated to developing environmentally friendly and sustainable options. 

Finally with regards to our packaging, over half of our consumer packaging is eco-friendly with a view to 100% recycled or biodegradable packaging within the next 12 months.”

Talk us through the design process and production/manufacturing?

“Believe it or not, design was the easiest part – our vision was clear. But, we were SO determined to ensure that we were supporting Aussie manufacturing, we literally scoured Australia to keep our supply chain local and were lucky enough to find some incredible partners. We even take it a step further and split our work based on our suppliers’ strengths, so we have people that work on various elements of our products from frames, hooks, painting and then the intricate lettering and animal shapes.

What do you find the most rewarding aspect of owning your own business is?

“The positive feedback. When you come up with an idea and then you go through the hard yards to bring it to life, the roadblocks, setbacks, and bumps in the road can be all consuming. But, when you get a note from a happy customer or even better a picture or a video of them enjoying the very thing that you CREATED, there is no better feeling!”

Shadow Fox Storage
Shadow Fox Wall Shelves in Pink - $495.00

Quick Fire Q’s

(Instagram) Fave scroll stopper: @lennyandfox of course, but really we love interiors, furniture design and art like CJ Hendry, Hunting for George and Made By Morgen and also anything fashion related. Then for a good giggle – the Sooshi Mango boys!!

(Design Style) Less is more or more is more: Less is always More

(Netflix) Can’t switch off: Shows or docos that take you behind the curtain…

(Motherhood) Defining parenting moment: All of it!! Lenny (who is obviously part namesake of this business) is here and growing (too fast) and developing a little personality of her own, it’s amazing to watch!

(Mindfulness) Quote that best sums you up: 

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