Back to School is All Wrap’d Up

Wrap’d is a fully reusable silicone flatbread wrap holder, made from food grade silicone. Designed in Australia, the Wrap’d will hold a wrap neatly inside, eliminating the need for single-use disposable plastic, and keeps it from falling apart during consumption. This innovative idea was created by Jade Kingston, a Perth Mum of 3 boys who was searching for an alternative to using plastic wrap for her boy’s lunches. Not only is this product super handy, it is fun, eco-friendly and easy for little kids to use (and big kids too!) but Wrap’d is also an award-winning design in the Clean + Conscious awards in the kid’s mealtime category. 

Congratulations on your recent award! Wrap’d is such a clever concept, tell us how it works?

“Thank you! In 2021, Wrap’d was honoured to receive a bronze award in the Clean + Conscious awards. The awards recognise products that are safe, non-toxic, ethical, sustainable and responsible.

The Wrap’d is cyclindrical in shape and made of soft flexible silicone. The four sides of the wrap holder seal together, meaning the wrap stays fresh until it is eaten. Similar to the way you would peel a banana, the top tabs easily peel down to expose the next few bites. A flatbread wrap remains encased inside the Wrap’d during consumption, meaning the wrap is neatly held together, less ingredients fall out and it’s a hygienic way to eat.  The eating experience is not only mess free, but also quite the novelty. Wrap’d is then washed – by hand or in the dishwasher – and reused over and over again, making it eco-friendly and single-use plastic free.

Tell us how the idea for Wrap’d came about?

Wrap’d was an idea that came to me back in 2016, when I made wraps for my three young sons (then aged 3, 5 & 7), who struggled to hold their wraps together while they ate. So I started researching a product to purchase to solve the problem – however I quickly discovered that no such thing existed. This is how the concept of a reusable wrap holder was born.”

Eliminating the need for disposable packaging, it is reusable, dishwasher safe, and made of food grade silicone that is BPA, PVC and phthalate free

How did you go about developing the product? 

“Teaming up with an industrial design company in Perth, I worked to design, test, develop and improve my product. With the assistance of the industrial design team, I found a manufacturer in China to make, assemble and package the products and send them to Australia, ready to sell. After the 2 year design and planning process, Wrap’d was launched to the world via social media in February 2018, and the sales began to roll in (pardon the pun!). Wrap’d is now available in 5 different colours.”

Tell us about some of the ways your customers are using Wrap’d? 

“As Wrap’d has grown, we have loved seeing our customers use their Wrap’d for all sorts of different meals. We always say ‘if it fits, it works’ and that is evident in our customers feedback. Wrap’d is not only used for flatbread wraps, but also burritos, sushi rolls, sausage rolls, hotdogs, and long bread rolls filled with salad or everyone’s favourite, Vegemite. The options are endless!”

Jade’s Top Tips for The Perfect Wrap:

“To ensure your wrap fits neatly inside the Wrap’d, we recommend placing the ingredients down the centre of the flatbread, leaving a space at the bottom. First fold the bottom of the wrap up, and then roll the wrap over from one side to the other. The top can remain open, because the Wrap’d will seal it to keep it fresh. Place it inside the Wrap’d, and pinch the sides and the top shut to become airtight. My top tip is to always ‘drain’ any wet ingredients on some paper towel before adding them in the wrap – things like tomato, pickles, beetroot and jalepeños – to avoid the wrap going soggy. Also placing these ingredients in between other ingredients helps eliminate moisture transfer.”

How important is it to your business to package and post products ethically and sustainably?

“As Wrap’d is an eco-friendly product, we pride ourselves on minimal and mindful packaging. We use fully recyclable cardboard mailing boxes and no ‘fill’ as Wrap’d requires no packing protection for breakage. We are lucky that this is such and easy and achievable option for us.”

What is the most rewarding part of owning your business?

“Everything! Wrap’d is like a 4th child for me. I love watching Wrap’d grow, seeing people enjoy the product and return to buy more, people’s enthusiasm when using the Wrap’d is awesome! Hearing that ‘ding’ on my phone when someone places an order still makes my heart sing. I’m still in awe that an idea I had all those years ago is actually a reality that’s helping many people.”

What’s in store for Wrap’d in the future? 

“One of the goals for Wrap’d is to become Australian Made. As a small family startup business, this has been out of reach so far, but it is always something we strive for and would eventually love to be wholly Australian Made and Owned. Wrap’d was founded and is managed by myself, however my husband and 3 sons are all involved in decision making and idea sharing!”

Wrap’d is available online and at specialist retailers here. Follow Wrap’d on Instagram and Facebook 

This content was published in partnership with Wrap’d.

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