Atopis – A Unique Blend of Science and Nature

When it comes to skincare, we all want to make a mindful choice about the products we choose, both for our little ones and ourselves.

Atopis, launched by Dr Iona Weir in 2017, wants you to be confident in what you are putting on your skin. No more cover-ups is their guiding phrase, meaning both that they are committed to exactly zero secret ingredients in their products and that you can face the world without the need for concealers and make-up, because your skin is healthy – naturally!

I can personally attest to the effectiveness of the Atopis skincare range, having used it for years for my children and me. I am thrilled to sit down with Iona to discover more about this brand, which uses a thoughtful blend of high-tech science and natural ingredients to create beautiful skincare that actually works!

Dr Iona Weir

Iona, tell us about your inspiration for Atopis?

‘After four years of research, development and clinical trials, Atopis launched with a range of natural skincare products for people with skin issues that were safe and resulted in beautiful, healthy skin without side effects. My scientific expertise is in cellular ageing, immune function and microbiology and I’d previously worked on pharmaceutical treatments for eczema, viral skin conditions and cancer. I’d seen the devastating side effects and loss of confidence firsthand and I wanted to offer people products that would transform their skin deep within.’

What are the philosophies and values underpinning Atopis?

‘We use cutting edge science to develop and test all our products, while at the same time ensuring every ingredient is natural and of the highest quality. We make all of our own plant and microbial ingredients in our own lab and trace every other ingredient to source. We do not use any of the ‘dirty dozen’ in our products – we know every ingredient and where it came from and they are rigorously tested.’

What makes Atopis different from other skincare brands?

‘We have developed a unique, patented technology that has been scientifically proven to stimulate and protect hyaluronic acid within the skin cell matrix, resulting in a plumper, fuller skin, less wrinkles, enhanced wound healing and skin hydration. This benefits ageing skin, acne prone skin and skin affected by rosacea.’

Atopis was my savior when I developed hormonal skin problems after giving birth and during breastfeeding. How does Atopis support hormonal skin issues?

‘Generally, acne is treated as a ‘kill all bacteria on the skin’ approach and with the idea that all acne is the same. This is not correct. To reduce acne, we must rebalance the skin microbiome. For women, we must also acknowledge hormonal changes that alter sebum production and the skin microbiome. I designed Atopis to support a healthy microbiome and to reduce – over time – the sebum gland sensitivity to hormonal fluctuations.’

Lots of children experience skin problems in early childhood. How does Atopis assist the treatment of eczema in our little ones?

Atopis was designed with children in mind. The Dry Itchy Skin Relief Cream targets the skin microbiome imbalance in children with eczema, so that infections are reduced and the eczema cycle is broken. It has been shown in clinical trials to significantly reduce redness, scaling and itching (so sleep is improved!). The cream is safe and gentle for use on children and is soothing and soft for young, delicate skin.’

How can we be mindful about looking after our skin?

‘You must look after your skin from a young age. My scientific area of expertise is programmed cell death – every cell in your body has a time clock! Exposure to stress and environmental damage (such as UV) speeds up the cell death clock and accumulates damage. Unfortunately, you don’t see the damage accumulating beneath the surface until you are older and by that stage, it is too late to reverse.’

How is Atopis mindful of the environment?

‘I’ve been involved in global environmental projects for over thirty years. I see sustainability as fundamental to any product. We only have one planet! We use sustainable packaging made in Australia from sugar cane and recycled plastic. All of our ingredients are harvested sustainably and they are all biodegradable. We ensure that all of our suppliers are free trade and practice sustainable manufacturing, including no damage to waterways recycling.’

Atopis has had a rapid growth over the past five years. What’s next?

‘We’ve recently moved and we’re establishing a fully functioning biochemistry and cell biology lab. We’re also working with Auckland University to access their 3D skin cell technology. Our research will focus on the retinoid bioactivity of Atopis and we’ll be developing our rosacea treatments whilst undertaking a clinical trial in the United States. Excitingly, we’re also launching our over the counter creams for eczema, acne and rosacea to dermatology clinics in the US.’

What’s the most rewarding thing about running Atopis?

‘My previous research has been on abstract science projects or long-term pharmaceutical drugs that take years to develop. So I love receiving emails from Atopis customers who’ve long had a skin issue affecting their quality of life and who’ve had that turned around by using Atopis skincare. Hearing that they have their healthy skin back – and their confidence – is worth so much. It makes the years of hard work worth it!’

Lisa's Favourite Atopis Products:

Thoroughly Gentle Cleanser $39.00 

My skin changed when I started using this cleanser! Other cleansers left my face feeling dry and tight – not pleasant! This cleanser is so gentle and my skin is soft, fresh and clear.

Radiant Balance Cream $69.00 

After cleansing and toning, this is the magic stuff. It moisturises my skin beautifully and also calms any redness or irritation. It works to balance the skin’s microbiome, which basically means I hardly ever have a break-out. I haven’t worn foundation in years – there’s no need!

Acne Prone Skin Cream $39.00 

I developed hormonal acne post birth and during breastfeeding. Within a few weeks of using this, my skin’s bacteria balance was restored. 

Atopis Skincare
Dry Itchy Skin Relief Cream $35.00 

This is what I’ve used on my children since birth for any dry, itchy skin thing they have! My daughter gets mild eczema on her cheeks, especially in winter, and this cream soothes, moisturises and calms the redness. It’s invaluable.

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