5 Tips for Making a Big Impact in a Rental Property

If you’re living in a rental, we have 5 tips for making a big impact. Fresh from the pages of Minty Issue 16, we are sharing this rental glow up that makes a big impact. A new room on a budget doesn’t have to feel like a budget room. 

1. Upcycle

Look at what you already have and consider how you could reuse it. In this case, the existing bed was repainted in Porters Paint – Bayleaf for a whole new look, and a large splash of colour against the rental’s white walls.

2. Choose versatile pieces

When faced with a room with no built-in wardrobes, think outside the box. A Mustard Made locker looks fantastic and provides flexible storage for the bedroom. Free-standing and easy to move, this versatile piece will come with you to your next rental home with ease.

3. Shop second-hand

Scour Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree before you spend big on furniture. Buying second hand is great for the environment and your budget. In this room, the Lilly and Lolly oak chest of drawers was purchased for a fraction of the retail price on Gumtree.

4. Invest in moveable items

A room on a budget doesn’t have to feel like a budget room. Investing in the items that aren’t affected by your rental floor plans – such as bed linen, rugs, and art – will serve you well. It will lift the overall aesthetic of the space in your current room as well as rooms to come.

5. Ask for permission

Tenancy agreements are always changing and you just might be surprised what you can actually do in a rental if you ask. Taking the plunge and installing your art and/or a shelf or two will instil a feeling of safety and permanence for your little love.

Get The Look 

Cabazon Dinosaur Print $400 – Jacqui Turk // Lil Safari Stripe Cushion – Donkey Stripe $79, Safari Stripe Cushion Cover – Rusty Desert $89, Adventure Made Blanket –Liquorice/Olive/Clay $349 – Pony Rider //French Navy Grid 100% Linen Flat Sheet $199 – Pop and Oli // 100% Linen Duvet Cover in Khaki $230 – In Bed Store // Follow Me Lamp – Green Verde $359 – Design Stuff // Alin Tree Stump Stool $199, Elva Lowline Basket – Natural from $39 InArtisian // Agni Wool Rug $850 Rugs for Good // Large Blue Tartan Knit Throw $139 Castle and Things // Twinny Locker in Ocean $799 Mustard Made // Magnetic Timber Fridge Kit $55, Magnetic Timber Picture Tiles $49 Second Scout // Miffy 100% Recycled Plush – Blue $49 Rhino Rhino // Luna Pop Bear Light $199 Livly //

Styling – Madeline McFarlane 

Photography – Francoise Baudet 

This article originally appeared in Minty Magazine Issue 16 

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