The Best Indoor Plants for Kids Rooms

There’s a lot of research focused on the benefits of indoor plants in the home and office. We hear of things like productivity being increased, how many plants per square metre are needed to purify the air of toxins, or how beneficial they are for our mental health. Of course, there’s aesthetic benefit that we all love. Plants bring texture and life into our homes that nothing else can replicate. But more often than not, we tend to skip the kid’s bedrooms when it comes to indoor plants. Their rooms might be too dark, or the kids too… tactile. But there is no reason the aforementioned benefits of plants should not be made available to our little ones – it’s just a matter of making the right choices.

The Plant Runner has taken the guess work out of things for us and today, they are sharing the best ways to bring life and a dose of greenery to our children’s spaces.

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Getting Started

When thinking about indoor plants for kids, you want to make sure they are hardy (those that can tolerate lower light and water requirements, as well as the occasional tumble or pull) but also appealing to the eye, so you can carry the same sense of design you have applied to the rest of your home right through to the children’s rooms.

The Boston Fern

Depending on the age of your child, you’re best starting out with “safe” plants – that is, plants that won’t cause skin irritations from their sap or upset tummies if ingested. The Boston Fern is a fantastic option, as it can instantly transform a space with its shape and size. A lot of ferns are safe around children, but we love this plant because it’s a little more low maintenance and works wonderfully as a hanging plant. 

Indoor Plant Potting Mix
The Plant Runner Potting Mix Range
The Spider Plant 

The Spider Plant is another indoor plant we suggest, as it tolerates low light (so it won’t be bothered if you close the blinds during nap time) and is fast-growing with an unusual habit. It sends out baby plants (or spiderettes) that spill out over the mother plant like spiders on a web, creating a cascading feature that looks great on a shelf. Kids love them too, as they can take the babies and plant them in other pots to watch them grow. 

The Golden Cane Palm

When looking for larger, statement plants, you need to make sure they are heavy enough so they won’t topple over with a bump or push. The Golden Cane Palm can instantly fill a corner and bring a bedroom to life. They do require a bright space though, so it’s not for everyone.  

Kids Indoor Plant Kit
The perfect way to get started with The Plant Runner Kids Indoor Plant Kit
Snake Plants

If your child is older or you feel confident that they won’t go nibbling on their new plant friends, we love to use Snake Plants for their architectural form and incredible purifying abilities. They are actually one of the few indoor plants able to purify the air and release oxygen overnight (a process known as Crassulacean acid metabolism), so place within 1.5 metres of your child’s bed for best results. They are also super low maintenance, requiring watering once a month and tolerating a range of light conditions. Keep in mind though, these plants are mildly toxic and can cause swelling and numbness on the tongue if consumed in large doses. 

Cast Iron Plant

And if you want indestructible, look no further than the Cast Iron Plant. Safe around kids and pets, these plants can tolerate a fair bit of neglect while still maintaining their lush, dark green foliage, providing a more ‘jungle’ feel to any space. They prefer to be pot-bound too, so you won’t have to worry about repotting anytime soon!

The Plant Runner Co-Founders
Co-founders of The Plant Runner, Duncan and Dominic
The Finishing Touches

Having picked an indoor plant, you’ll need to pair it with the right pot. Our picks are to go with more natural tones and simple pot styles that are going to work well in a kids room and not compete for attention. The Oslo pot range is a simple, classic design that comes in a number of subtle colours that are suitable for any child’s bedroom. Rattan planters are trending at the moment, and have the added bonus of not smashing should they accidentally get knocked over during games in the bedroom. Merchants of Botanic have just released their woven planter and jardiniere combo that we’re also really loving. 

Minty’s Top Picks from The Plant Runner 

Words by The Plant Runner (Co-Founders Dominic Hooghuis and Duncan Hilder)
Images: Supplied 

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