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The thing about storage is, there is never (ever) enough! As parents we are constantly tidying up and putting away a vast array of toys, books and games that it can seem like a never ending task. So with that in mind, we put our heads together and came up with our top storage solutions for kids rooms, playrooms and everything in between. Because I’m sure you’ll agree, there is nothing better than having ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’. 


Lenny and Fox was born out of the necessity for storage solutions that would work in tight spaces and double as unique, personalised wall art for little ones. With a goal to help families streamline their lives and organise all of those bits and pieces, Lenny & Fox are designing products that are functional, beautiful and affordable. 100% Australian made and crafted from Australian timber, their hero products, The Shadow Fox and The Pastel Hanger elevate children’s rooms whilst serving a practical purpose displaying treasured belongings.

The Shadow Fox is a delightful display piece as well as a workstation for lotions, potions, wipes and more. In a nursery, it will become your best friend, keeping all of your baby essentials at arm’s reach. As your baby grows, it will transform into a home for beloved toys and trinkets, making a truly unique and personal feature in your child’s room. The stylish insert drawer is a handy addition for the inevitable bits and pieces collected along the way.

Display your child’s favourite fashion pieces loud and proud on The Pastel Hanger. Its customisable design and modern colour palette are perfect for presenting those special bags, hats, capes and coats for many years to come.

The Shadow Fox and The Pastel Hanger empower your children to put their own touch on their bedroom without compromising style.

Lenny and Fox Storage Solutions
The Shadow Fox Personalised Wall Shelves

As Australia’s original play sofa, Nook has paved the way for modular play in our homes. It was their own children’s creative play in their living room that inspired Nook founders Olivia and Patrick Rudomino to create a piece of furniture that was both safe and cosy and allowed their children to explore their creativity independently. And so, NooK was born!

All Nook products are made in Australia using high quality materials and environmentally sustainable practices. The range has grown to include over thirty-five different fabric options and a variety of extras including the ultimate home for your Nook, the Nest.

Made from sustainable birch ply, the Nest keeps your NooK cushions secure, making a sturdy base for every one of your NooK builds. And when the games are over, tidying up is a breeze, as the Nook cushions are stored compactly as a cosy sofa. Its modern, modular design slots together in minutes and can be configured to suit any space.

Your NooK and Nest will offer endless play opportunities as well as a sleek storage solution in your home.

Nook Sofa
The Original Australian Modular Play Sofa, the NooK and NooK Nest

Bunny Tickles is a family business based in Melbourne that focuses on high quality, environmentally conscious and sustainable children’s products. They aim to deliver great products to other families that they can enjoy everyday.

The Bunny Tickles Revolving Solid Wood Bookcase is a game changer when it comes to storing your children’s books. It rotates 360 degrees displaying up to 300 books on a footprint of just 0.28sqm, freeing up so much space in your room.  

Its flexible design allows books of all sizes to be beautifully displayed and easily accessed by little readers. Detachable bear-shape dividers in the centre of the top two shelves offer many display options to engage your children while keeping things tidy and organised. And its not just for books – these shelves can be used for toys, games, puzzles and play provocations. Furthermore, the bookcase features three detachable boxes on each side. If the boxes are not in use, they can be easily removed to expose mounting pegs perfect for bags, coats or dress ups.

Bookcase Storage Solution
The Bunny Tickles Revolving Solid Wood Bookcase

The brain-child of sisters living on opposite sides of the world, Becca and Jess launched Mustard with big dreams in 2017. Since then, their instantly recognisable lockers have taken the world by storm.

With five different storage solutions, Mustard has the perfect fit for your child’s bedroom or playroom. These practical lockers provide beautiful yet functional storage for every room in the house. 

Mustard are here to make life a little more organised, tidy and colourful.

Mustard Made Storage Solutions
The Mustard Made Midi Locker

This article originally appeared in Minty Issue 16 – ‘Let’s Get Real’. 

Words: Nicole Ray 

Photography: Francoise Baudet 

Styling: Madeline McFarlane 

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