Real Room – Animal Kingdom

In Annabelle’s room, the wild has most definitely come a visiting! The Botanical Wallpaper by Kingdom Home features a riot of plants and animals arranged in vivid glory. From a trumpeting elephant to a prowling leopard, the animals circle the room calling out for others to join them! Tanya, Annabelle’s Mum, confirms “Annabelle has a huge love of animals, especially leopards, so that is why we created an Amazon room. When Annabelle first saw it her huge smile just lit up the room.”

Animal Kingdom


Tanya runs Raja Homewares which was born out of her passion for interiors and a love for creating adventurous rooms. “Raja’s aim is to give every little King and Queen a space that becomes a part of treasured childhood memories,” she states. Tanya called on her friend and stylist Peri Mooney to style Raja’s launch campaign shoot. “I love her style and trust her judgement implicitly so I wouldn’t have anyone else! An interior designer helps to bring the vision together and was well worth it for us,” she says.

Tanya confirms, “The essential requirements were to provide a restful haven for Annabelle at the end of each day, whilst still being a fun place for her to play. And of course to provide plenty of storage space for large toy and book collections.” In Annabelle’s room, the rattan pieces like the Eden Petite Daybed and Mini Malawi Chair give the room a worldly feel. However, the pieces also allow for an easy transition into Annabelle’s early teen years. Raja Homeware’s focus on high quality, handcrafted pieces – that can stand alone or complement other furniture. Therefore they are the perfect choice for longer-term relevance.


With the Amazon as their inspiration, Tanya and Peri mixed deep greens of the forest with interesting pops of colour taken from the animals and jungle scenery. Keeping other elements neutral ensures the wallpaper remains the main event. The use of the Cultiver Goods Blush Bed Linen and soft accessories balance out the vibrancy of the other elements of the room. Tanya’s favourite piece is the rattan Eden Bed coupled with the gold canopy from Numero 74 Designs. Tanya describes a typical night as one where Annabelle pulls the canopy around her tightly like she’s camping out and snuggles up cosily under her covers.


As many of us have experienced, the hardest part of the process for Tanya was sticking to a reasonable budget. Tanya explains, “As the wallpaper was a major luxe feature it was important to include more economical pieces such as the sisal rugs from IKEA to achieve a balance.” Tanya believes the key is investing in quality pieces as well as having the courage to be daring and do something a little different.

Tanya and stylist Peri Mooney have succeeded in creating not just a bedroom but a world ripe for adventure. “Annabelle has a vivid imagination and a creative heart and loves nothing more than role playing. I think we might have an actress in the making!” We say… what a stage to begin on!


Eden Bed, Mini Malawi Chair, Change Table, Shell Fringe Basket & Natural White Stripe Basket, Dreamland Petite Daybed, Berber Cushion, Pom Pom Throw – all Raja Homewares, Botanical Wallpaper – Kingdom Home Designs, Gold Canopy – Numero 74, Blush Bed Linen – Cultiver Goods, Leopard Pillow Case – Society of Wanderers, Sisal Rugs – IKEA.  

Originally featured in Minty Magazine Issue 13 

Words: Celine Barnes 
Design: Peri Mooney 
Photography: Francoise Baudet

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