Plastic Free July

Are you participating in Plastic Free July? Here at Minty, we believe in all things sustainable and ethical. We care about this beautiful planet and are committed to doing whatever we can to preserve it for our kiddies. The world has embraced Plastic Free July and it is incredible to see how many people are now refusing single-use plastics. We can all do our bit to reduce single-use plastic at home, work, school by making small changes such as bringing your own reusable coffee cup, refusing pre-packaged fruit and vegetables, use alternatives to cling wrap such as beeswax wraps; just to name a few.

Today we are talking to Chloe Lines, founder of the clean lines co. Chloe is a professional organiser with a strong focus on sustainable living. After having her children in quick succession Chloe realised how much her family’s belongings were causing stress and there was always that overwhelming sense of having too much stuff! Moving from Los Angeles back to Australia was the catalyst for making small changes and realising that less stuff made life so much easier! Now, her mission is to help her clients create space to enjoy what they already have, spend less time tidying and focus on a more sustainable way of living. Chloe shares with us her top tips to consider if you are interested in leading a more organised and simplified life during Plastic Free July and beyond! 


“Some of my kids favourite toys come from our local op shop and vintage store. By purchasing second hand, we’re reusing existing plastic and avoiding all the excessive single use packaging we see on toys today. When purchasing new, I look for toys that are made to last using sustainable materials where possible. My kids love their Hape Dollhouse which will certainly be around for years to come. The other cost-effective option is to borrow toys from your local toy library which gives you plenty of choice and easy rotation when the kids are ready for the next stage.”


Rubbish & Recycling – $9.95 


“Avoid individually portioned snacks when shopping at the supermarket. They are plastic in plastic. We practice the ‘nude food rule’ at my sons kinder and portion snacks into bento box style lunchboxes. If you don’t already have one, I like Planetbox who offer stainless steel options. Also, Biome offer a huge range of lunch box options!”


“Hands up if you have the rainbow set of kids tableware from IKEA? A great alternative I discovered is Biobu, made from sustainable bamboo. They have kids sets, but our toddlers use the adult size bowls and plates and so do we! One of my favourite things about this material is it’s dishwasher safe and it dries in the dishwasher unlike plastic which almost always needs to be wiped over. Of course I advocate using your current tableware until the end of it’s life before replacing.”


“We’ve moved to bamboo toothbrushes and knowing that we’re no longer sending those plastic brushes to landfill feels great. We wrap coloured rubber bands (that we save from our fruit & veg) around the ends to differentiate. And since we discovered shampoo & body soap bars the rows of plastic bottles lining the bath have disappeared and suddenly our bathroom is feeling more spa like.”


“So often storage solutions are made of plastic… Before purchasing any new storage containers take the time to edit and sort your kids toys, clothes and books. While it’s tempting to shop for baskets and storage containers before you do this, you’ll be surprised at how many thing they’ve grown out of or things that can be donated. Be sure to check for any containers you can repurpose from your home that are not in use. If you have to buy new storage, measure up your shelves and drawers and take the dimensions with you when you shop to ensure the products you buy will fit. Look for storage solutions made of sustainable materials like wicker, bamboo, metal, cardboard or recycled materials.”

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