Our Top Tips for a Sustainable Kids Room

It’s now widely accepted that sustainability should be an important consideration in all aspects of our lives. But what does sustainability actually mean and how does it relate to children’s spaces and design? In a fast-paced world with an abundance of choices on offer, this starter guide will help you to make more educated choices about the products you bring into your home.

Broadly, sustainable practices take into consideration how humans can live in harmony with the natural world by finding ways to protect the earth from damage as we go about drawing on its resources. For Minty, we focussed on creating a children’s bedroom that incorporated products that embraced sustainable practices, as well as being stylish additions to your home. After all, it’s our children’s future that depends on our choices in the here and now…

Minty Magazine Top Tips for a Sustainable Kids Room

Sustainable style- where do you start?

When furnishing a bedroom, the obvious place to start is with the super hero – the bed. Keep in mind the materials in the bed frame, mattress and manchester when making sustainable decisions. We fell in love with this bedhead from Family Love Tree. It’s made from Rattan – fast growing, easy to harvest, and incredibly durable.

When dressing your bed, always look for 100% natural fibre bed sheets. There are loads of great options out there. We decided to layer up some pretty linens. Linen is incredibly durable (it can last up to three decades). It is also biodegradable. There are useful by-products from the flax plant such as linseed oil. Impressively, linen uses less water to grow than its cousin, cotton. We layered linen from In Bed, a company that does its best to be transparent about where their goods are made. An important factor to weigh in to your purchase decisions.

Finding the perfect rug for a children’s room can be tricky. It’s often tempting to choose a synthetic material for ease of cleaning and enduring heavy traffic. However synthetic isn’t the only material that cleans easily and holds up against children’s intense use. We found this gem from Rug Culture that’s made of jute and recycled leather. Jute grows quickly, has a high carbon dioxide absorption and is biodegradable. And of course, recycled leather has obvious benefits including incredible durability.

Minty Magazine Top Tips for a Sustainable Kids Room

Upcycle All The Way

Upcycling need not be left to the professionals. Why not source some second-hand pieces yourself to add some character to your children’s space? Op-shops can be a treasure trove of vintage wares that can be incorporated into contemporary design. We found some vintage cases and phones that make for a playful addition to the room. By upcycling pre-loved wares, we reduce landfill AND create unique spaces.

Minty Magazine Top Tips for a Sustainable Kids Room

The Finishing Touches

The finishing touches to a space are as important as the heroes. When looking for artwork try to shop local. Look for handmade, one-off pieces. If buying Australian Aboriginal art, ensure the purchase is ethical by checking the guide provided by the Association of Northern, Kimberley and Arnhem Aboriginal Artists. We loved the artwork by Charliesha Mung and handmade ceramics by Emma Gale. Why not support our incredibly talented local artisans – not only do you support local business, you reduce shipping miles and the carbon footprint.

It does take some additional time and research to make sustainable choices. But every effort helps to reduce our impact on our children’s world. Let’s ensure that sustainability and style go hand-in-hand – they really are a perfect match.

Words and Room Styling by Madeline McFarlane
Photography by Francoise Baudet

Article fist appeared in Minty Magazine Issue 12 – Sustainable Style

Sustainable Brands We Love


Her Hands

Inspiring both a sense of wonder and wanderlust, all Her Hands products are made by female artisans from developing countries. Sourced from Peru, Nepal, Kenya and beyond, their toys, clothing and décor bring story and soul to your little one and their space. We love that every piece provides financial empowerment where it’s most needed.

Warren Hill

Warren Hills signature product, the French Linen baby play mats are designed to look beautiful in your home. Their play mats are made from 100% French Flax linen and supported with luxurious padding. Their linen is  stonewashed to ensure the play mats have a supremely soft and textured finish, ready for the first time your little one lays upon it. When you buy a Warren Hill play mat, you are also planting ten trees.

Plyroom sustainable Kids Furniture


An Australian company dedicated to the design of products that are flexible in design with a small footprint. Plyroom believes in pairing natural materials with intelligent design to create a calming environment, maintain your child’s connection with nature and stimulate creative play. Plyroom’s furniture is sustainably crafted in Italy and Australia, made with love, and designed to grow with your child. Products designed to be loved by every member of your family for years to come.

Birdee and Bee

Birdee and Bee is an Australian brand and online children’s boutique. Their products are made from environmentally friendly and sustainable materials with a focus on ethical production and being kinder to the Earth. Sharing their store with beautiful and like-minded brands from all over the world. A carefully curated collection of pieces for your small folk and nest that will be cherished for many years to come.

GoodArt 1

Good Art

Calling all dreamers and thrill seekers!  Inspired to paint artworks her boys would love, artist Jaelle Pedroli of Good Art creates art that grows with your child. Bursting with colour and brimming with personality a Good Art artwork is sure to add to the fun of your little one’s room.

The Good Art collection is thoughtfully printed in Australia on eco-friendly papers.


Kind and Co

Evoking imagination for kids and nostalgia for parents, from unique tea sets to wooden trucks Kind and Co has the most beautiful range of products to assist in letting our children’s imaginations go free. Kind and Co offers a beautiful range of toys made from natural materials, designed in Melbourne and made in Europe. Their range of sustainable, handmade toys are designed to evoke imagination for children and nostalgia for parents.Kind and co toys simply make the world better.

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