It’s All Gone Cattywampus

Cattywampus may sound a little bit quirky, a little bit left of centre, but at it’s core is a desire to foster creativity and capture the imagination in all of us. The new kid on the block, Cattywampus is fresh brand that is committed to making life fun, treasuring the quiet moments, and savouring this precious time we call childhood.

We chat to Cattywampus and get the scoop on what makes them unique. Don’t miss out on your chance to WIN a Cattywampus teepee (as seen on The Block)… 

First things first, who is Cattywampus – tell us a bit about the name?

“The origins of the unique brand name can be traced back to the southern states of the USA. The term was used to describe something that’s a little crooked, or not arranged correctly. For that reason, it felt like the perfect fit for a brand that encourages children to think differently and colour outside of the lines when it comes to creativity.”

What are your key business values and philosophies?

“In the playground of Cattywampus’ dreams, there are giggles. Joyous dancing. Oodles of love. After all, our inner child is responsible for holding the magic and wonder of life. It is our deepest wish that one day, the world will rejoice and say: “It’s all gone Cattywampus!”

What are your top 5 business values?


“Each of our pieces has a theatrical brilliance which transports children into a wonderous world of fantasy and fairytale. We value creativity and reminisce about the times before the rocking horse was replaced by the GameBoy. Further to this, we remember the old days where kids would play with charming toys that encourage the imagination to run free in a world of fantasy and make-believe. Whilst we’ve built a world for the teepee enthusiast, we dream to expand our collection beyond the existing range.”


“We value time and know that for parents, there’s never enough. We want parents to spend the most amount of time they can with their child. So, we don’t waste time, we save it. Our pieces are easy to assemble and don’t require ironing (hooray, you say!) We make it easy and efficient for shoppers to complete their order online and have their pieces delivered promptly. We never underestimate the importance of time. Time is precious.”

The little things

“We value the little things, from the design of our product so it fits within a beautifully styled home, through to the care for packaging, delivery, and the customer’s journey. We know that the little things make all the difference. Cattywampus is all about the detail. The way it should be.”

Making a difference

“We work to make a difference in every child we possibly can, including charities such as the Starlight Foundation and the Good Friday Appeal. If a tepee can bring a smile to the face of a sick child that’s the least we can do. But we want to give more. For every teepee purchased, we donate a percentage of the proceeds to a charity that assists in the development of children’s learning and creativity.” 

The inner child

“We value the inner child, and whether we’re a child, or an adult – we know it’s inside of all of us. The inner child stems from a place of innocence, playfulness and creativity. Our teepees are made for children to enter into a world of fantasia, magic and make-believe.”

Tell us a bit about the design and production process?

“The design process for each new Cattywampus product is carefully considered, tapping into its founders’ collective love for architecture, interior design and fashion. It all starts with visualisation and ‘quiet time’. Our most precious design moments are when we research trends, source colour samples and create visual mood boards. The quality process is a high priority and the production process is lovingly hand-made with high, ethical standards.” 

What are your goals for Cattywampus in the future?

“To create the biggest imagination wonderland company by invoking the joys of the inner child. By fostering creativity through innovative technologies we will work to become a leader of magical spaces. We would love to see Cattywampus become a global brand with a cult-like following. Last but not least, to make a positive difference, especially to the lives of children less fortunate.”

Every product that Cattywampus create is a beautiful experience waiting to be discovered. Let the magic begin! You could be the winner of a fabulous tepee (as seen on The Block) Choose between Snow Dust (left) or Wild Dove (right)! 

The Block_Cattywampus Teepee Square image 2
Winners are grinners!
The Block_Cattywampus Teepee Square image 1
George and Sarah's winning room, featuring the Cattywampus teepee

So grown ups, it’s time to take a trip along memory lane and explore the endless possibilities for playtime with your little ones. We are thrilled to have one of the fabulous Cattywampus teepees to giveaway to our readers! Click the link below for your chance to WIN! 

For more inspo and ideas for creative play, head over to Smallist 

Snow Dust
Wild Dove

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