How to Create a Workspace your Kids will Love

We caught up with Nicole Rosenberg of Liberty Interiors to share her top tips on creating a workspace your kids will love. And want to be at. And work at. I think you know why….

How to Create a Workspace Your Kids Will Love
How to Create a Workspace Your Kids Will Love

1.Be as organised as possible

It’s so hard to start work every morning when your work space is cluttered and disorganised. Places like Officeworks, IKEA and Target have some amazing organisational desk tools that won’t break the bank. Plus they will inspire you to put things back in the correct spot making your work space a much more enticing place to work

2. Bring in some nature

It doesn’t need to be a whole fiddle leaf tree! Just something thats small and manageable. Something you can’t kill easily (😉) that you can water and watch grow. It’s a great way to purify the air where you are working and also just makes the whole environment much more pleasant!

3. Pinboards

I always find it helpful to be able to pin all those random things that are relevant at the time up on a pinboard. It’s a great spot for all the miscellaneous items that may often get lost of just sit on the desk indefinitely. You can also use these as inspiration boards giving your kids  the inspirational boost they sometimes need!

4. Super Comfortable Ergonomic Desk Chair

This used to be a really hard office item to find! But no longer! IKEA have the most fabulous new range upholstered desk chairs in the most on trend colours. They not only look great but they are all adjustable and come with or without arm rests. Head straight to the IKEA website (they now deliver!) and search Langfjall and Hattefjall for the full range.

5. Consider the Light 

Where possible try to set up your workspace with plenty of light for work. You’ll do your best work if some of that includes natural light! A workspace with natural light can reduce headaches and eyestrain, allowing you to be more productive on a day-to-day basis and healthier in the long-term!

How to Create a Workspace Your Kids Will Love
How to Create a Workspace Your Kids Will Love

Lover of all things art, crafts and style, Liberty Interiors founder and interior decorator Nicole Rosenberg found her inspiration to start her business after having her own children. First decorating their bedrooms and then the rooms of friends and family. Nicole knows that it is not only important to have the space looking gorgeous but it is also key to have something that is practical. Nicole is truly passionate about producing calm and happy yet fun spaces that are a reflection of the child’s individuality and desires. This passion, along with her ‘don’t be afraid of colour’ mantra is infectious. Her interior design flare has now extended to family homes where she transforms entire homes, working closely with architects, to produce relaxed and inviting spaces for the entire family.

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