Get Set for Success with Cluey Learning

With the imminent return of kids back to school, we were delighted to partner with Cluey Learning to review their one-to-one online tutoring service.

Cluey Learning – Rethinking Student Tutoring

The Cluey Learning system is is different to any tutoring you may have previously experienced. Offering tutoring from years 2-12 in Maths, English and Chemistry, the Cluey difference is in its execution. 

Students can learn from anywhere, in their own time, via a user-friendly online platform that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Sessions are live and tailored to each student’s requirements. Each tutor selected based on the student’s needs. Cluey operates with a goal driven approach, building on what your child is learning at school to increase confidence and academic results. 

This innovative approach has proven results. With a rating of 4.7 out of 5 from over 3000 student and parent reviews, it’s clear Cluey is a great place to start if you are looking to get your kids set for success this year.

What Makes it So Good?

  • First and foremost, the tutors work to the Australian National Curriculum and consider state-by-state variations. 
  • The one-on-one tutoring is customised to each child’s exact needs, and a variety of learning strategies are in place to ensure your child gets the most out of every session.
  • Cluey have over 210 expert tutors who are top ATAR achievers, qualified teachers and subject matter experts.
  • Tutors are matched to students based on the student’s requirements and outcomes. 
  • Sessions are recorded and can be re-watched at any time.
  • The Cluey Education Advisory Board are industry experts employed to keep the tutors up to date and on track.
  • It is just so convenient. Tutoring can take place anywhere you have a laptop and an internet connection. No travel required!

The Minty Road Test

Keen to see Cluey in action, we enlisted a family of our own to give their honest feedback on the service.

Our student, Lily, is heading into year 9 this year, and was keen for some help with maths.  Lisa, Lily’s mum, took part in an introductory phone call with Cluey to set up the first session, and provide the details to match Lily with her tutor. Lisa found the call very informative and concise and was confident with the arrangements for the session.

When the time came, Lily logged into the Cluey platform a little early to familiarise herself. Right on time, her tutor appeared on her screen. There were no technical glitches, and the interface was clear and easy to use.  The tutor was friendly and understanding of Lily’s questions and concerns. Together they set a goal to review some principals from year 8 that Lily was a little unsure of and wanted to understand before entering year 9. Throughout the session they worked through some theory and examples. With some one on one guidance, Lily’s confidence and understanding grew. Next, Lily and her tutor reviewed their progress and set some practice questions to complete before their next session.

They tutor then left a short session report outlining what had been covered in the session on Lily’s profile page. Lily also has the opportunity to add a report on the session. Further, this reporting allows Lisa invaluable insight into the sessions and what is being covered. 

In conclusion, both Lily and Lisa we thoroughly impressed with Cluey. Lily has more sessions booked and Lisa is thrilled that tutoring can be accessible and autonomous for Lily.

Special Offer

To celebrate our partnership with Cluey Learning, we are pleased to offer you 20% off your child’s first two tutoring sessions! Click here to take advantage of this offer!

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