Fun Activities To Do At Home

Stuck at home in #lockdown at the moment? We feel for you. For those with little kids and school aged kids (or any kids at home right now) – we know it’s a juggle with homeschool on top of everything else. Looking for fun activities that will *actually* keep the kids occupied for more than 2 minutes? Check out these ideas. 

Our friends at Antipoda Co stock Londji, a range of sustainable and ethical toys made in Barcelona. They offer educational activities to ensure your kids are entertained while learning at the same time. Featuring beautiful illustrations made from wood, recycled paper and cardboard, their toys are sure to capture the imagination of the young and the young at heart. 

Stacking and Puzzles 

Up To The Stars, Wooden Stacking Toy
Help the rocket cross mountains, clouds and part of the sky to reach the stars and beyond! A stacking game of skill and balance for children from 3 to 103 years old.

The Acrobat Brothers 
This is a Londji’s version of a traditional balancing game, made of recycled wood and organics dyes. Watch the amazing acrobat brothers as their amazing strength and balance is stretched to the limit to create these impossible human towers.

Roar Puzzle 
An exciting 36 piece puzzle suitable for 3-6 year olds. The fierce lion will take you to make a trip to meet the family of elephants, race with a fast leopard and make a siesta under the shade of an acacia.

Play and Learn

Discover The Dinosaurs
A puzzle in which you can discover two realities, with the red magnifying glass you can see the fossilised bones and with the blue magnifying glass discover the dinosaurs walking through the volcanoes. The game includes a 200-piece puzzle and two magnifying glasses to discover the two universes. 
I Speak Six Languages 
What’s the name of horse in French? And house in German? And elephant in Italian? And glasses in Spanish? And mouse in Catalan? Learn vocabulary in 6 different languages by playing this word game with illustrated cards. The best way to learn other languages!
Roads Game 
Imagine the longest road in the world. There’s over 1000 different roads to create! First you build it and then you can use it to play with cars. Fun for the whole family!

Crafting Corner

Animals Wooden Stamp Set
Create your own animals with this fun wooden stamp set! Lions, elephants, whales, fish, giraffes… as far as your imagination goes! 16 wooden stamps with notebook included for your wildest creations!

My City Activities Book and Stickers 
A set of 150 removable stickers of transport vehicles. Build the city of your dreams using wonderfully illustrated stickers of unique characters, houses, plants and trees, roads and traffic signs!

Art & Painting Activities Book
Use your favourite colours to paint this world! Lions, dolphins, cats, birds and more need your little artist to make them come alive. These beautiful activity books are sure to keep your kids (and you!) busy colouring and painting hours.

All of these fun activities are available from Antipoda Co. We love the fact they have searched for ethically made products that use sustainable materials and promote an organic and natural way of living.

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