United Interiors is a marketplace for beautiful art. They curate stunning collections and work with leading interior designers and artists around Australia. Their goal is to provide the public with the perfect artwork for every space. 

Today we dive into questions about business, social media, finding inspiration and collaboration partnerships with United Interiors.

We love that United Interiors also supports designers, artists and other small businesses in Australia with their events, workshops and other partnerships. Keep reading to find out more about what they do as a business!

For those who haven’t heard of United Interiors before, can you give us a quick elevator pitch on what you do?

‘We specialise in creating, designing and selling Artworks that are customisable in terms of both size and type. At United we offer a large range of Paintings, Prints & Acrylic Artworks which appeal to a wide audience as they are so accessible. Basically we LOVE Art and we enjoy helping our customers achieve the designer look in their space!’

As a marketplace for art, how do you curate such beautiful pieces of art to be a part of the stunning collections that you stock?

‘We are a very small team who collaborate closely with the Artists we work with. We are lucky to have a a team of Artists within Australia and internationally who create new and exciting collections for us on a regular basis. We curate based on latest trends and new releases with an emphasis on diversity in our range.’

Where do you find your inspiration from?

‘As we work within the interior design industry we are aligned with current and upcoming trends that extend to wall art. Our Director is a creative at heart with years of experience in the furniture and Art fields he is always on the hunt for impressive Artworks and or Artists with a specific focus on statement pieces.’

We love that you are a supporter of Australian design and collaborations. What has been your favourite collaboration you have had to date?

‘Yes, we absolutely love supporting Australian Artists and Interior Designers. Collaborating with Alisa and Lysandra is always a fantastic and inspiring experience. There has been a long relationship between the businesses and we continue our mutual support for each other. We most recently have provided artwork for their project, filming The Design Duo series for their renovation in Albert Park VIC.’

What do you find the most challenging part about owning your own business?

‘Because we work in a creative space one of the biggest challenges is finding inspiration daily. As with all challenges the greatest rewards come from the journey. We have been successful in finding a great team of talented people to work with who love to create and inspire each other as well as our customers everyday.’

What exciting things can we hope to see from United Interiors in the near future?

We are currently working on a new range to extend our offering of Artworks, along with bringing on new Artists and opening more showrooms across Australia.

Who are your go-to Instagram accounts you love and why?

@meanwhile_in_melbourne – They showcase such a wide range of amazing businesses all centred around design and architecture in Melbourne.

@melissalunardon – Melissa has a passion for interior design and educating her followers that we are in awe of.

@debmcnaughton_art – We have worked with Deb for years and her fun bright personality shows in her Art and her posts are so genuine and often hilarious!

Who are your biggest influencers in the world of business?

‘For both his business and philanthropist ideology, Sir Richard Branson is someone who is an inspiration to the way a successful business can flourish with the right attitude towards building from the ground up with constant motivation to change and enhance to meet the needs of consumers.’

Your styling workshops and events look fantastic! How do you brainstorm to come up with creative opportunities like these?

‘Having an amazing showroom space has given us the benefit to be able to host events such as these. We like to utilise the space for purposes other than sales and promotions. We use the the face to face contact we have daily with our customers to find out what they are looking for and to create ways to educate and enhance their experience. We also connect with local interior designers and supporters of our brand who are able to offer their knowledge and experience to our customers. We are grateful to include designer James Treble, Lauren Sivaria or my Little Empire, Alisa and Lysandra and many more.’

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