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Rudie Nudie Designs is an incredible Australian brand who sell gorgeous playmats, you may already have heard of from our last #trending blog post. If you missed it, check it out by clicking here!

Today, we chat to Jacqui from Rudie Nudie Designs in this weeks ‘Behind the Brand’. 

We love the concept behind Rudie Nudie’s cotton, machine washable and waterproof playmats (yep! it’s the playmat that can do it all.)

Rudie Nudie Playmats can be purchased at and can be found in stockists around the country. Check out their website for more details. 

Keep reading for business tips, insider info on what’s next for Rudie Nudie Designs and more!


We love that Rudie Nudie promotes nappy-free tummy time for bubs. Can you tell us a little bit more about how Rudie Nudie came to be?

‘I always found nappy-free tummy time such a pain when my daughter was a baby. I knew that it was important to do but I found it such as hassle. I tried using a disposable change mat with towels etc but it would always result in lots of things to wash and hang out to dry. I decided that there must be a simpler option and set out to find a waterproof playmat, but I couldn’t find anything on the market, so I set about creating one. It took two years to develop the Rudie Nudie Waterproof Playmat to get the fabrics and construction just right. The end product is a soft cotton waterproof playmat which is comfy for babies to lay on [not plastic] and can easily be thrown in the wash when it gets dirty. It comes in two designs – The Happy Now [bright and colourful] and The Kiss Hug [simple grey and white monochrome design].’

Rudie Nudie playmats are such fun designs! How did you come up with the concept for the style?

‘I set out to create beautiful designs that would fit in with beautiful interiors. I also wanted the playmats to make beautiful gifts. I had quite a clear idea of the style I was after and I am lucky enough to have a friend who is a very talented graphic designer, and she helped bring it all to life.’

What tips would you recommend to other parents about starting their own business online?

‘Do the research into the products that you are looking at producing. I feel that it would be very difficult to launch products with a lot of competition, so try to find a niche that you can stand apart from existing products. Also, the best way to market an online business these days is through social media marketing. Make sure you do some training to understand how to reach your target audience and drive traffic to your website. I am lucky enough to have learnt a lot from The Digital Picnic in Melbourne, who are amazing at teaching the tricks to social media.’

What is next for Rudie Nudie? Can you give us any insight into what your plans are for the future?

‘I’ve got a few exciting plans for new products in the pipeline for Rudie Nudie Designs, but first up I’m working with an artist in the US to create a new Rudie Nudie Playmat design. I can’t wait to see the finished design and am hoping to launch it early 2019.’

Who are your go-to instagram accounts when looking for inspiration?

I love interior design pages like yours [😍] and Jen Bishop @interiorsaddict. I’m also addicted to a few influencers such as @zotheysay and @chiaraferragni [did you see her recent fairytale wedding?].

What have been the most challenging aspects about starting a business?

‘I have had to learn such a broad number of skills to bring this to life – web design + development, social media marketing, finances, shipping, manufacturing…..the list goes on. I have really enjoyed this challenge though and have loved nutting it all out!’

And what has been the most rewarding part about owning Rudie Nudie?

‘To actually hit the launch button on my website on May 20 and send it out into the big world! It took two years to bring it to life, so it was super rewarding [and a whole lot scary!!] to finally have it ready to launch. The response since launching has been amazing also. It’s so lovely to receive beautiful messages from mums about how much they love their Rudie Nudie Playmats, along with gorgeous photos of their bubs using the playmats. We had to re-order within 3 months of launching, which is way beyond what I could have ever dreamt of, and we may run out before the second order arrives. It’s going to be touch and go!’

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