At Minty Magazine, we are such huge advocates of the minimalist style. We are all about clever functionality and innovatively designed products on the market in the kids décor industry. Designstuff is an amazing platform with so many beautifully designed products ranging from kids, home and living, tech to even pet products. 

Today, we are diving deep to find out more about Designstuff and why it is such a widely loved Australian brand. 

What is your elevator pitch for Designstuff? Give us an idea of who you are and what you do?

‘Designstuff is an online platform showcasing over 2000 products from some of the world’s greatest design houses. Our collection aims to improve the lives of our customers through function and practicality, in addition to beautiful aesthetics.’

We all certainly know by now that Scandi is a trend to stand the test of time. What do you think it is about Scandi and Nordic style that people love so much?

‘We believe most of our customers are looking to surround themselves with fewer, but better things; pieces which provide a clever function, are made of beautiful materials, are representative of who we are, and tell an intriguing design story. These are all aspects that fit within the Scandinavian design movement, each of which helps us find value in the things we own.’

What is the process for Designstuff when curating such beautiful brands, collections, and products?

‘We’re quite selective in who we look to stock in store, which has resulted in a fairly strict curating process. Though we’re often attracted to something by its visual beauty, what gets us on board with a product or brand is what we like to refer to as the ‘behind the scenes’ design. Discovering the who, why and how behind a new brand is not only an exciting part of the buying process but also the most essential. We make sure the pieces we carry contain a high level of integrity and respect to the design process.’

What can we expect from Designstuff in 2019? Are there any big plans that you can reveal to us?  

‘We have a couple of projects on the way, but we’re very excited to be launching our very first showroom and retail store. The space is a mix between a concept store and shoppable retail space and is open for anyone to stop by and have a look. We’re excited to finally meet our many returning customers face to face, after years of communicating only via phone or email.’

3 keywords that describe Designstuff’s style?

1. Understated

2. Considered

3. Inspiring

What was your favourite interiors trend in 2018?

‘We were pleasantly surprised with the gradual shift away from the obvious pastel and blush colour palettes in children’s rooms, and seeing the use of more neutral tones, paired with sophisticated, yet fun, patterns.’


What are your trend predictions for 2019?

‘We’re expecting to see a paring back of generic ‘things’ in people’s homes, with purchases being more investment and joy-based – thank you Marie Kondo. Functional and beautiful pieces made from authentic and quality materials will be the pieces on display in beautiful homes this year. We also expect to see more neutral colour schemes, complemented with tasteful hints of bold colour or patterns.’

Designstuff is constantly collaborating with some amazing people/brands on social media. Can you give any advice on how to go about collaborating in the interiors industry?

‘When undertaking a collaboration, it’s important to make sure everyone is on the same page and has reasonable outcome expectations. It’s important, to be honest, and respectful but to also engage in a way that is fun and enjoyable. We try not to take ourselves too seriously, and love working with those who are similar.’

What is the best way to find inspiration when planning or designing a room?

‘Besides the obvious – Pinterest, Instagram, magazines, and blogs – we endeavor to place ourselves in natural environments and see how things form naturally. Say, for example, you find solitude and calmness at a particular beach, immerse yourself in that environment and consider the various sensory elements surrounding you. Is it the colours, the materials, the smells, the sounds? Each can be incorporated to help instill the memories of that specific place into your room.’

Minty’s favourite 3 DESIGNSTUFF products

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