A New Way to Monitor Sleep with SmartSnugg

Caring for a baby will always its share of worries, challenges and rewards. So when there is an opportunity to lighten the load and make the job a bit easier, then that has to be worth knowing about! One thing that we know most parents worry about is under and over-heating their baby.  You want to keep them cool because the risks of overheating are serious, but you want them to be comfortable too, especially at sleep time!

A Revolutionary New Way

A new Australian product offers a great solution to this sleep problem.  SmartSnugg has developed a baby sleeping and monitoring system that is focused on understanding and controlling baby sleeping comfort.  One of the things that makes this product unique is that they offer both ‘full tech’ and ‘no tech’ solutions.

SmartSnugg has developed a baby sleeping and monitoring system that is focused on understanding and controlling baby sleeping comfort.


Gives you real-time data on the temperature inside your child’s sleeping bag.  With their data SmartSnugg help you to understand what ‘average’ sleeping temperatures are for babies, whilst you learn about your child’s preferences.  You turn on alerts and notifications for things like ‘high’ and ‘low’ temperature and to tell you if there is an unusual temperature spike (which might indicate a fever).  You can leave these set to the defaults or, once you understand your child’s preferences, you can adjust them to suit.

The full tech solution also gives you access to another cool feature – the Clothing Recommendation Assistant

Real-time data on the temperature inside your child’s sleeping bag


SmartSnugg co-founders Matt Hearsch and Simon French claim that they have “re-invented the simplistic one-size fits all clothing recommendation charts,” and replaced them with a dynamic system that helps parents to achieve a specific temperature inside the sleeping bag. 

To do this they have tested the thermal impacts of all of different sleeping layers.  So, if your child prefers a fairly cool sleeping environment you might ask the Assistant for clothing recommendations that will achieve a 30˚ temperature inside the bag, you then specify the expected room temperature and you will get a series of clothing combinations offered to you.  If you don’t have the items suggested, you can make adjustments based on what you do have and the Assistant will recalculate the expected sleeping bag temperature for you.

SmartSnugg Starter Kit


Matt and Simon say that they were aware that, no matter how safe they made the SmartSnugg system, not all parents would want to use a technology based solution for this problem and so they approach the design with this in mind.

To start we need to explain the SmartBlankets.  We all know that you aren’t supposed to use loose blankets to warm your child while they sleep.  That rule doesn’t apply to SmartBlankets because they actually attach to the SmartSleepers so that they don’t pose a risk to the child.  Even better the SmartBlankets are TOG rated (available in 0.5, 1.0 and 2.5 TOGS) and because they are easy to add or remove,  you now have the ability to get way more use of out of your sleeping bags.  You can quickly transform a 1.0 TOG bag into a 1.5, 2.0 OR 3.5 TOG bag to help you keep your baby comfortable.


The other part to the ‘no tech’ solution is the manual version of the Clothing Recommendation Assistant that SmartSnugg have produced.  This gives you a table telling you the thermal impact of every SmartSnugg layer and a series of tables that give you clothing options based on the temperature that you want to achieve inside your child’s sleeping bag. 

This allows you, even without the tech, to have a good idea of the likely temperature of your child inside the sleeping bag and it gives you the ability to make swap out layers and be able to predict the impact which that will have on your child’s sleep and comfort.

Even without the tech, you will have an understanding of your child's temperature

You can learn more and check out the full SmartSnugg range here.

Read more tips on creating a safe sleep environment from our experts here.

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