If you’re a brand, PR Company, interior designer or someone with a room or products to share, please get in touch! We take on submissions from all over the world for both the magazine and blog in a range of categories including children’s rooms, family home features, fashion, children’s stores, birthday parties, décor products and more.

We are very lucky to receive hundreds of submissions every week. To ensure your room or product is not missed please follow the submission guidelines below. 

Room Submissions

We’d love to see the room you have created, or been part of creating. And we love to share them with our engaged and excited audience. Please follow the guidelines below to ensure your submission is eligible for selection.

  • Include a paragraph about yourself and the room – this is your chance to capture our attention. Please be sure to include your full name, photographer name and any relevant social media handles
  • Include a link to a DROPBOX folder of high resolution images (minimum 300 dpi) shot by a professional photographer. 
  • Please name your dropbox folder ROOM SUBMISSION: [ROOM NAME: ROOM TYPE]
  • Include in your dropbox folder a minimum of 12, maximum 30 of your best images including:-
    • A hero shot of the room (your favourite shot that shows off the space at it’s best. It doesn’t matter if you don’t fit every single detail or angle in this shot, focus on getting a wow shot. If you can get a great shot of the full room- go for it!
    • Minimum 2 landscape room shots
    • Minimum 3 portrait room shots
    • Minimum 6 detail shots 
    • In addition, we love to see the child(ren), or mum to be in the shot. 
  • Email this to us at [email protected]

In addition;

We greatly appreciate the effort you put into submissions and will endeavour to respond to all submissions that have followed the guidelines. 

If your submission is successful you will be required to complete a Q&A supplied by Minty. We will let you know when and where you can expect to see your room published. 

Please ensure  that your room has not been previously been published on other other site or magazine, and will not be published on any other site or magazine prior to publication with Minty. 

We understand you want to share your room with your social media following as soon as possible, and who are we to stop you doing so? Please just keep in mind that if every detail of your room has already been shared extensively on social media it may hinder your chance of a successful application. 

If you are wondering if your room is suitable for Minty Magazine, be sure to check out our current edition to familiarise yourself with our aesthetic.

room submission

Product Submissions

We love to see new products and love to be the first the share them with our engaged and and excited audience. You can help get your product seen by following these steps:-

  • Include at least one hi resolution, professional deep-etched image of the product
  • Include at least one hi resolution professional image of the product in a lifestyle scenario
  • Include your press release in the body of the email – not as an attachment please.
  • Email this to us at [email protected]

Where relevant please also add us to your PR lists so we can keep on top of your latest releases.

product submission