Made with love, Plyroom's furniture is designed to grow with your child.

An Australian company dedicated to the design of products that are flexible in design with a small footprint. Plyroom believes in pairing natural materials with intelligent design to create a calming environment, maintain your child’s connection with nature and stimulate creative play. Plyroom’s furniture is sustainably crafted in Italy and Australia, made with love, and designed to grow with your child. Products designed to be loved by every member of your family for years to come.

Plyroom products are always bound by a simple mantra that they be pared-back staples to encourage a simpler way of living. 

Plyroom pieces are designed to sit quietly in your home. They take inspiration from the restrained formal language of mid-century modernism and the purposeful approach of Shaker furniture. Each piece in the Plyroom collection is functional and adaptable to ensure it becomes a treasured part of your home for years to come.

Plyroom believes that the longevity of a furniture piece comes from intentional design as well as quality, sustainably sourced materials. Their furniture is made from solid timbers and architectural grade, cross-laminated birch plywood. Plyroom loves using birch plywood for its structural stability, strength and material efficiency. All their furniture is finished with non-toxic, low VOC finishes that are safe for you and safe for our environment.

Plyroom was born in 2013 in a small town in Italy. Its origin comes from a very personal and wonderful journey when the founder, Elise, was able to spend a slower year abroad with their family. The idea was inspired by this time, where Elise was able to enjoy a much simpler existence.

Passionate about the state of the environment alongside a desire to create highly considered pieces that honour craftsmanship and functional design, Plyroom is the embodiment of these personal values.

Plyroom’s early days began with the basics, furniture pieces that fit this notion of effortlessness and quality. Based in Melbourne whilst working with talented designers in Italy, the collection drew inspiration from the need to simplify.

Today, Plyroom works with a number of small-scale makers, both in Italy and locally in Melbourne. They only work with makers who are as passionate about the origin of materials and quality as Plyroom is. Pieces are designed and made using a mix of traditional and highly technological methods. All materials are sustainably sourced. Plyroom always strive to find better ways to design, make and deliver products that are conscientious in the way they are born and the effect they have on the world around them.

They seek to create a small but considered range of beautifully designed, consciously made products. From flexible furniture that can adapt to changing needs to beautiful accessories that provide pleasure in simple rituals, Plyroom products are always bound by a simple mantra that they be pared-back staples to encourage a simpler way of living.

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