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Modern eco-friendly children's toys.

Mini Village offers modern eco-friendly children’s toys, essentials, decor, and books. We love their belief that eco-friendly and aesthetics can blend together seamlessly. Each piece is carefully selected from all corners of the globe for you. Everything Mini Village stock is beautiful, natural, ethically made and made to last. Beautiful pieces to hand down from generation to generation.

Mini Village have a strong belief that eco-friendly and aesthetics can blend together.

Mini Village has a strong belief that eco friendly and aesthetics can blend together. There are so many amazing quality children’s products out there whether it be toys or accessories.

All the brands they stock, those owners, and their manufacturers do their very best to create something magical whilst protecting the plant, and also ensure the welfare of their workers. Some organisations provide work for people with brain injuries. Others have psychological problems, who have no employment options in a mainstream workforce. When you buy from Mini Village, not only do you donate one tree to the planet but also support employment opportunities for much-needed workers.

All the products you find in the store are ethically made using sustainably sourced materials. Everything at Mini Village is safe for your little ones to love for years to come.

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