Miffy® Plush

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Miffy is a cult product sold all over the world.

Miffy® Plush are officially licensed plush toys, celebrating the iconic Miffy bunny character – first created by writer Dick Bruna in 1955. They are a cult product sold throughout Europe, UK, US and Asia. Handcrafted from sustainable and natural materials, each plush toy is made of 100% recycled PET stuffing. Miffy® Plush are available in a huge variety of fabrics, sizes and on-trend colour options, with new collections added each season. From bold corduroy to denim and even 100% organic cotton, there is one for everyone.

Rhino Rhino represents some of the worlds most iconic brands including Miffy® Plush.

Miffy® Plush is sourced from Rhino Rhino.

Rhino Rhino represents some of the world’s most iconic brands, bringing high quality, classic decor and children’s toys into our homes. With a range including Mr Maria (including the perennial favourite Miffy lamp), Picca Loulou and PANTONE™ Living, Rhino Rhino curates a collection of timeless pieces for everyone to enjoy.

Mother of two, Jenny is the strength behind the scenes at Rhino Rhino, who combines her experience in retail, wholesale and a passion for all things design to source and import international brands and products to retailers in Australia and New Zealand. Jenny admits that owning her own business often presents hurdles, however the rewards far outweigh the challenges. “Managing complex, global supply chains and working with our suppliers (who start work just as I’m going to bed) certainly is a juggling act! That being said, when we introduce new products to the Australian and New Zealand community it is incredibly humbling to see these products filter through our wonderful stockists and to their customers.”

At Minty, we believe in buying quality items that will stand the test of time. So if you are looking for a hero piece for your child’s new bedroom, or a beautiful gift for a baby on the way, check out these iconic brands for something unique, playful and fun! We are delighted to share with you, a snapshot of the incredible range available from Rhino Rhino.

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