Love Mae

Baby Essentials | Dinner & Tableware | Wallpaper & Decals

Creating beautiful products to make meal time more fun!

Love Mae has been bringing joy to the lives of little ones by creating beautiful and functional products that make meal time fun for the past 12 years. Based in the heart of Byron Bay, Love Mae is a heartfelt brand, passionate about designing things of beauty and function for little hands. They are constantly inspired by creating a better planet to leave our children and are committed to ensuring their eco-footprint is as light as a feather. We love the cute designs on the dinnerware, guaranteed to make meals times more fun for your little one!

A heartfelt brand with passionate eco-friendly principles.

Love Mae produce a collection of beautifully functional lifestyle pieces, lovingly designed to bring joy & independence to the lives of little ones as they graze and play. 

Based in the eco-paradise of Byron Bay, Love Mae’s creative team applies a ‘living for tomorrow’ filter to every design and detail – they believe that the best legacy is leaving the lightest possible footprint.

Every Love Mae product is shaped by thoughtful design and intuitively sized to fit little hands, with the strength to make it through hangry hour in toddler town.

Love Mae is passionate about bringing sustainability, style, and a sense of wonder to the often-disposable world of children’s dinnerware and décor. And this means sourcing the latest, low-impact materials & planet-friendly packaging, and consciously choosing small-scale manufacturing over mass production. Just like our kids, Love Mae wants to keep the earth they inherit healthy and safe.

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