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Learn on a Loog and play any guitar!

Loog is a range of guitars designed specifically for kids. These award-winning instruments are ergonomically designed to make learning to play simple, fun and rewarding. They come in a range of sizes, a rainbow of colours and in both electric and acoustic versions. With flashcards and the free accompanying Loog app, beginners can learn to play chords and songs from day one. Learn on a Loog, play any guitar. We love their passion to connect kids with music.

Loog Guitars is driven by a passion for music and sustainable design.

With a passion for all things music and entertainment, husband-and-wife team Amanda and Drew Dunphy first discovered Loog Guitars on Kickstarter. After meeting the owner at a trade show in 2016, they soon became the distributors of Loog Guitars in Australia and New Zealand.

Amanda and Drew fell in love with the Loog – from the concept, the ethos of the company and the instruments. As parents, they were always looking for activities that are engaging and entertaining and music plays a big part in their home life.

Loog guitars is driven by a passion for music and sustainable design. The guitars are made of wood from responsibly managed forests and are committed to quality and safety standards that meet or exceed government regulations. What’s not to love?

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