Kind and co

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Beautiful handmade toys for the world of pretend play.

Home of Pretend Play! Evoking imagination for kids and nostalgia for parents, from unique tea sets to wooden trucks Kind and co has the most beautiful range of products to assist in letting our children’s imaginations go free.  Kind and co toys simply make the world better!

Quality heirloom toys that make the world better.

Kind and Co is a little project that began shortly after the birth founder Lealie’s son, Jagger. Like many new Mum’s, her perspective changed when Jagger entered the world. She would spend hours researching the most natural, organic products and with this also found herself becoming more environmentally conscious too and wondered what if there was a better way? Kind and co was born.

Kind and co offers a beautiful range of toys made from natural materials, designed in Melbourne and made in Europe. Their range of sustainable, handmade toys are designed to evoke imagination for children and nostalgia for parents.

Quality heirloom toys that make the world better. Get ready for hours of imaginary play that will be loved by all.


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