Hunter & Nomad

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The go-to store for kids interior design and endless inspiration.

Hunter & Nomad is an eclectic decor store, bringing to you a thoughtfully crafted collection of stunning and unique handmade products for you and your home. Drawing from their Dutch heritage, the team at Hunter & Nomad design products with a European edge as well as offering ethically made and sustainable products that are sourced from artisans around the world. Well established as a go-to store for kids interior design, we love browsing their store for endless inspiration.

Sourcing unique products and finding amazing communities and artisans to work with.

Hunter & Nomad has established itself as the go-to brand for interior and home décor lovers, and new mums in particular. Their beautiful collection of eclectic interior pieces are designed in Brisbane, Australia, and produced by their amazing team of artisans from all over the world.
Annemarie, our Founder and Creative Director, was pregnant with her third son Jack Hunter when she launched her new business, so it seemed only right to use his name for the start of this exciting new chapter. Hunter also reflects her love of sourcing unique products and finding amazing communities and artisans to work with.
Nomad refers to Annemarie and her husband’s ‘nomadic’ lifestyle; both spent years traveling the world, living a life away from everything and everyone they knew (both are originally from The Netherlands), before settling in Australia in 2010.

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