Gertie and Me

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Soft cotton velour toys to be cuddled and snuggled.

Gertie and Me are a delightful range of soft toys lovingly designed in Melbourne and toddler tested around the world since 2005. Choose from the gorgeous bunny range, favourite pets and farmyard friends. Gertie and Me are more than toys – they have personality, are soft, huggable, comforting and fun. They are a companion, a first best friend for life. Children enjoy cuddling , playing with, imagining and daydreaming with them. Gertie and Me toys are made from soft cotton velour and love to be cuddled and snuggled.

The warmth of a cuddly soft toy offers your little one comfort and security.

Gertie and Me plush toys are the perfect travelling companion, perfect little cuddler and are perfect in providing security for sound sleeping.
The warmth of a cuddly soft toy offers your little one comfort and security when they are tired or facing a new challenge in life. Their favourite friend can help with separation and anxiety , offering them security  and comfort.
Young children often use soft toys to protect and convey their own feelings – and comfort them . They encourage qualities such as empathy , affection and bonding. They often encourage play through role-playing and the benefits of plush companions are invaluable. They provide comfort , security and familiarity in the big wide world they are learning about .

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