Dots by Donna

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Unique artwork to transform your child’s room.

A new mum, working, exhausted, Donna drew in secret to vent and relax. Meditation through Art. Discovered unexpectedly by her husband one day, he shared Donna’s drawings on social media, exposing her and revealing her hidden talent. Inspired and astonished by people’s responses, Donna focused on her art. Now here she is, an international award-winning artist. Her drawings, like her family, are her heart and soul. 



International award winning artist.

Artist, Donna Taylor, has an amazing gift (and clearly very steady hand) for the drawing technique known as stippling or pointillism. The bottom line- there is none. It comes down to dots and thousands of them forming unique and incredibly beautiful visuals, ranging from animals to dream catchers and the highly coveted African Goddess print. Donna’s illustrations are all original and come with a life of their own, with each piece taking up to 200 hours to complete.

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