It’s International Sleep Week and it goes without saying that we all need (want) a little bit more sleep! Here at Minty, we are celebrating the launch of the Hello, Sleep! Bedtime Affirmation Cards from ergoPouch. Written and developed alongside paediatric psychologist Amanda Abel, the affirmation cards use simple language and concepts that children aged 2-5 years old can understand. “Affirmations provide an avenue for challenging negative thinking habits – which is often our first step in treating (and preventing!) social skills difficulties, anxiety and depression in children” explains Amanda, a registered child psychologist. 

Read on for your chance to win a set of Hello, Sleep! Bedtime Affirmation Cards and a pair of Long Sleeve Pyjamas from ergoPouch


Create a Bedtime Ritual 

By incorporating a bedtime affirmation into your evening ritual, children can wind down from their busy day and process big feelings or emotions through positivity and reassurance. As a result, there is an opportunity to connect with our children by providing an outlet to explore any feelings and encouraging a conversation. Through the use of an affirmation, it can change the way we feel by saying positive things. “Comfort and knowledge around talking about emotions is essential for self-regulation, and as parents sometimes we need a tool to help us with starting these conversations. Affirmations can certainly provide that ‘in’ and the structure to make it easier.” says Amanda. 

Bedtime Benefits 

We understand that bedtime can be notoriously difficult for toddlers and preschoolers, which is why creating a positive bedtime routine can be helpful. Through affirmations, you can connect with your child, help them build self-esteem and those little words of encouragement will take them off into the land of nod with a sleepy little smile on their face. Amanda adds that “families can form healthy rituals around affirmation use. These rituals provide the opportunity for a regular dialogue around emotions and positive psychology.”

How To Use Hello, Sleep! Affirmation Cards

  1. Invite your little one to choose an affirmation card from the deck. The cards feature fun illustrations and are colour-coded into age appropriate themes. 
  2. Read the affirmation card out aloud and ask your child to repeat it after you. 
  3. Talk to your little one about what the affirmation means, or perhaps ask them a question to help them understand it. For example “I am proud of myself”. You could start a conversation by saying “Today I was really proud of the way you packed your own school bag. What was something you did today that you’re proud of?” 

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Good luck!

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