At Minty Magazine we pride ourselves on working with interior designers who design ethical spaces for babies and children. We support local Australian brands who have sustainability and ethics at the forefront of their values. 

This weeks #trending post is dedicated to all things we love that are sustainable!

Rattan mirror – Bear

Dutch Warehouse has just launched a brand new and unique Rattan Mirror in the shape of a bear. It is a cute addition to any nursery or kids room. With its natural rattan look, this will be a perfect statement piece in any space. 

Rattan is often grown in floodplains, which helps to facilitate the appearance of animal populations in these areas and making use of soil which would, otherwise, go unused. The sourcing and harvesting of rattan also creates jobs for the locals in the areas where it is grown. 


These gorgeous sheets are made from 100% cotton. They are also packaged in a stunning matching bag that can be re-used for storing all your baby essentials like nappys and wipes!

This clever packaging option allows the option to be reused rather than being disposable and discarded straight away. 


This rug is made from 100% jute meaning it is super sustainable! Just is a durable fibre which is in between a textile fiber and a wood fiber. It is a plant fiber that is rapidly renewable. Jute is a fantastic textile to incorportate into your room designs as it requires only rain and humidity with little need for pesticides or fertilizers meaning it is a great alternative to other fibres like nylon, acrylic, polypropylene, or polyester. 

Grimm’s Natural Stacking Bowls

Wooden toys are made from a renewable natural resource and are better for the planet than plastic toys. These natural stacking bowls are finished with non-toxic water-based paints and natural oils. Grimm’s wooden toys are known the world over for their unique tactile texture, their vibrant water colours, and their thoughtful and imaginative toys designs.

Friday the Rocket

Have a Nice Day is one of our go-to’s for toys. The plywood they use to make their clever designs is made from sustainably grown and managed forests in Europe. This means that the forests are legally logged and that the whole process takes into account the impact that it has on the surrounding forests and the animals that live in it. Plywood is a sustainable material because trees store the carbon from the air that it uses to grow. The glues used in the plywood we use have the lowest emissions ratings possible making them safe in your house.

Signature teething toy

Dove + Dovelet teething toys are made from BPA free silicone, the are non-toxic, food grade and are soft, flexible and chewable! You little one will love them and so will the planet. The wood is made from eco-friendly beech wood and all Dove + Dovelet products are ethically handmade. 

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