Truly Amor

Baby Essentials | Keepsakes

Timeless heirloom keepsakes, treasured for generations.

Truly Amor is a brand that honours the sentimental moments in your life. They create heirloom quality journals, baby books, planners, and milestone cards that help you tell your story in the most meaningful way.

A sentiment-first brand that freezes your most adored memories.

You know those moments when you see, hear, smell, taste, or feel something that instantly takes you back in time? Moments that appear from nowhere and enfold you in heart-warming joy and pure love. It could be as simple as catching the scent of cinnamon and instantly picturing your Nana baking cookies, singing along to the radio. It could be seeing a photo of a toy you had when you were a child, and being able to feel it in your hands.

Those fleeting moments of physically feeling a past moment in time, that’s what Truly Amor is all about. They are a sentiment-first brand that freezes your most adored memories. Journals and keepsakes you’ll pass from generation to generation. Precious memories forever preserved and recorded so you can come back to them time and time again.

Nostalgia you can keep.

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