Toots and Co.

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Luxe, stylish leather baby-bags and pram organisers.

Luxe leather baby-bags and pram organisers that are stylish, yet instinctively practical, keeping mum and bub essentials separated and organised. They feature perfect-sized pockets to allow you to grab wipes and nappies in seconds, external slip pockets to have bottles and sippy cups at the ready. Designed to be adored well past the baby years. Toots and Co. have more recently launched a beautiful maternity range so mum can look stylish head to toe!

Their aim is for longevity in your Toots purchase, to become your timeless treasured piece.

The ethos of Toots + Co is simple, impeccable design, paired with practicality in equal parts, one is not more important that the other.  Bags and accessories designed for the dynamic woman, at any stage of her life.  The women that moves from one aspect of her life to another in any one day, hour or minute and wants to do it seamlessly without the need to worry about the possessions she requires to bring along the way.

Meticulously designed, underlying practicality imperative, functionality is at core of each bag.  Each detail is deliberate and created with intent, design for a purpose.  Every centimeter of our products has been created by founder Emma, countless rounds of sampling, adjustments and revisions to achieve the perfect balance of stunning design – balanced with their core practicality.

Their aim is for longevity in your Toots purchase, to become your timeless treasured piece, to grow and adapt with your life and family.  Toots is not fast fashion – Toots should be a considered purchase.

Quality is paramount for Toots + Co and are thrilled to use full grain Italian leather for their launch range to bring a luxurious look and feel unique to full grain leather.

‘For the savvy, for the discerning – for those who research and consider a purchase, for those that desire quality.

For those that wish to purchase less, in a more considered manner. 

For the woman always on the move’.


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