Perfectly Pear Shaped

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Bespoke handcrafted cushions that will add a personal touch to any space.

Perfectly Pear shaped is the place to design your own personal, unique, and individual initial cushion. A fun statement piece that injects personal style. These cushions are the perfect finishing piece in a room to make a house a home, giving spaces character and charm. These bespoke cushions are made with high-quality fabrics and filled with sustainability. With over 40 prints to select from, they are sure there to suit your little loves.

Sustainable cushions handcrafted at home, with our children's Earth in mind.

Melissa is the creator and maker behind Perfectly Pear Shaped.

Before Perfectly Pear Shaped Melissa was deep in all things motherhood – loads of washing, school drop-offs, purees, nappies, failing to keep up with keepsake milestone books and all that stuff – when she realised she was ready to pursue goals of her own, and so Perfectly Pear Shaped was born.

Melissa started Perfectly Pear Shaped because she wanted to show her children that they always have a choice; you may find yourself in a place or situation that isn’t what you had planned, but what defines you is not the situation but how you chose to respond to it.

At Perfectly Pear Shaped caring for the environment is important. Their cushions are handcrafted in their home, with our children’s Earth in mind. Their super-soft cushion filling is made from post-consumer plastic water bottles, and they work with a combination of new and vintage fabrics which means you can feel confident you’re making a sustainable choice.

Your cushion will be shipped using reusable, compostable mail bags and your cushion will arrive in a hand-sewn calico bag to protect it during shipping that can also be used for your fruit and veg shopping, for packing and storing shoes, or to keep the toys in the car under control.


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