Little Cloud Lane

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Little Cloud Lane Tassel Mobile

Designed and created by hand, using quality materials.

Little Cloud Lane is a handmade home decor brand specialising in unique tassel and felt nursery and children’s room décor and accessories. Designed and created by hand using quality materials, the beautiful made to order range includes tassel mobiles and wall hangings in various sizes, bunting, decorative flowers and bunnies that will help to bring your vision together and create a beautiful space for your little one. We love their tassel mobiles.

A love of colour and a passion to create.

Cobi, of Little Cloud Lane, has a simple business philosophy – to create unique and beautiful decor pieces for your little one.

A love of colour and a passion to create is what led Cobi to start Little Cloud Lane – that and the fact that she hadn’t made anything besides beds and snacks for well over a year, being a stay-at-home mum to two kids!
It took Cobi a while to settle on what type of business she wanted to have – handmade cards, clothing, and items for your little ones, party goods…there was a time she even considered opening a family-friendly café, but none of those ideas came to fruition. After attempting pompoms and finding out that they definitely were not her talent, she tried her hand at tassels and the rest, as they say, is history!

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