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Muslins, swaddles, soft toys and sleepwear for the perfect nights sleep!

Love sleep? So do the Kippins. These insta-famous cuddle blankies are made from pure organic cotton – a big tick from us! Designed in Australia and made ethically with love the world over, their range now includes muslin swaddles, soft toys and sleepwear for the cutest Kippins twinning. Our hot tip – buy a spare…just in case!

Kippins want to make kids get excited for bedtime, and to make bedtime easier for parents.

Heather, mum and founder of Kippins started her company when researching comforters in a bid to get more sleep.

Heather read about comforters – how they could help babe to feel safe and secure, how they could teach baby to link sleep cycles, cry less, and help everyone get more sleep. But in her search for the perfect comforter, all she found were plush, polyester toys that went against everything she knew about keeping babe safe and cool in the cot.

Heathers goal was simple, she wanted something simple. Safe. Something that relied on babe’s natural ability to fall asleep and self-soothe. No gimmicks. Something natural (and cute, too).

Enter Kippins – a range of 100% cotton, certified organic baby comforters made from two layers of premium organic cotton that support better air flow while baby is sleeping.

It’s bursting with imagination and magic, this group of friends who will share your most precious moments while making a minimal impact on the planet for future generations and improve the health and wellbeing of the little people who love them. Your babe will grow up with Kippins – starting with an unbreakable bond, weaving through your sleep rituals and creating a whole world of fun as your baby turns into a Big Kid.

Kippins want to make kids get excited for bedtime, and to make bedtime easier for parents.

Kippins is based in Australia and is run by a small team of parents, just like you. They share stories of fun, magic and being gentle to the planet through our very special friends – the Kippins, and help everyone get a little more shut eye.

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