Her Hands

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Beautiful products hand made by women from developing countries.

Inspiring both a sense of wonder and wanderlust, all Her Hands products are made by female artisans from developing countries. Sourced from Peru, Nepal, Kenya and beyond, their toys, clothing and décor bring story and soul to your little one and their space. We love that every piece provides financial empowerment where it’s most needed.

Made with love, by hand - not on a factory line.

Her Hands has built their business around a people first supply chain. Their products are all made under fair trade principles. A key component of which is that all of the artisans they work with are paid a fair price, that they set – and do not don’t negotiate.

Not only does Her Hands work pay a fair prices they work to ensure their products use eco friendly materials – organic, where possible. They offset their carbon footprint in shipping products from overseas and ship to you in compostable satchels. Her Hands are focused on working with their partners to reduce plastic throughout supply.

Her Hands provide consumers with an alternative that respects traditional craft and artisan skills that have been perfected over hundreds of years. Made with love, by hand – not on a factory line.


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