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Minty Magazine Real Room Reveal Nursery Nook
My Nursery Nook. A beautiful corner in my room, just for my little love.

I am a huge fan of the Nursery Nook. I have kept both my babies in my room for many a month. (Let’s face it, nearly 4 years in and most nights we are four in the bed by morning…)

When the time came to get ready for my number 2 (Florence) I decided to embrace the reality and create a beautiful Nursery Nook for her in our room. A gorgeous space that is all hers – with all the magic, style and practicality of nursery, but right there next to me… just where I like her!

As a second child, I was also keen to reuse the furniture I had bought for my first born (Charles). I am often harping on about the benefits of investing in quality furniture. It always saves your pocket in the long run… as well as doing your part to reduce waste. So, just like that, Charlie’s cot came down from storage and set the tone for the nook.

I wanted to make sure I had a lovely place for Florence to sleep, some practical storage and some feature pieces that will move with her as she grows into her own room. Here’s what I did.

Created Space

Seems obvious right? I shuffled the bed over to make more room on my side to fit the cot and side table. This also gave the nook a little more room the breathe.

The Practicalities

I got our Bloom Alma Mini Cot in grey out of storage and gave it a wipe down. I invested in a latex mattress first time round so was delighted to get more use out of this. Grey felt storage boxes from Ikea were perfect for nappies, wipes and cream that I wanted on hand for night changes. I loved lining up Florences book along side mine so much! My existing lamp and side table accessories felt right at home creating a beautiful transition from mum to baby. 

Bringing the Nook to Life

I chose an Ahoy Trader Cross and a Pete Cromer print for Florence. They are both pieces that fit in with the overall aesthetic of our home so I know they will last. The Interior Motives accessory rack is perfect for displaying some of our favourite items for Florence. Again this is a piece that will work in any part of our home for years to come. I love linen on our beds and chose the Dove and Dovelet lined fitted cot sheet in grey. I alternate this with the cot sheets we used when Charlie was in the cot.

Florence’s Nook is without doubt one of my favourite corners in our home. It is peaceful and beautiful. I plan on keeping her there as long as I can! 


Minty Magazine Real Room Reveal Nursery Nook
The Ahoy Trader Cross was a splurge. I was able to keep my existing lamp and marble bedside table.
Minty Magazine Real Room Reveal Nursery Nook
The Bloom Alma Mini Cot is a perfect solution for tight spaces.
Minty Magazine Real Room Reveal Nursery Nook
An Interior Motives Hanging Rack displays some of our favourite items.

Photography by Francoise Baudet
Styling by Madeline McFarlane

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