It’s been just over a two months since I packed up our newborn, and the rest of my goodies to come home from hospital. I must say, I was rather fond of this final stay in the maternity ward. It provided baby Max and I with a quiet little sanctuary in which to bond before we headed home into the reality of 2am feeds, school drop offs and our new life as a family of five.

There were a couple of goodies which made the stay extra comfortable, and because I am a good sharer, I’ve listed my favourites below.


1) Peter Alexander Floral PJ Pant, $59.95. Thank the stars for comfy bed-wear also respectable enough to wear in the company of visitors!

2) Aveeno Baby Products, $10.99 (1800 029 979 for stockists). I am a big fan of Aveeno, and having used it on our first two babies, it was one of the first things I packed for baby #3. There is such an overwhelming number of products on the market, it’s hard to know which will be best for your bebe, but having used this before the choice was easy for me! 

3) Birdling Overnight Bag, $225. If you are a messy traveller – trust me when I say this bag is for you! With three nifty little compartments I was able to pack for Max and myself with room left over for ‘essential’ non-essentials like Darrell Lea Chocolate Mint Balls and the latest issue of Frankie Magazine. Perhaps my favourite thing about the Birdling Bag however, is the Dirty Birdie Laundry Bag which comes free with each purchase. Such a stylish and practical way to pack up your goodies! xx

4) Sophie the Giraffe by Les Folies, $34. OK. Possibly not needed at the hospital – but my older babies missed out on Sophie and I thought I just couldn’t be too prepared this time around. The perfect teething toy, and super cute to boot – it’s a must for all babies!

5) Aden + Anais Bamboo Wraps, $54.95 (3 pack). I have received some absolutely delicious bamboo baby products since Max arrived, and these wraps are no exception. They are impossibly soft and large enough to swaddle babies for the first couple of years. I have a ridiculous amount of wraps in the cupboard and always come back to these.

6) Seed Knit Cardigan, $44.95. Because all babies need to start their life in style, right?

7) Go-To Skincare, from $14.95. I wish I could say I take a great deal of time and care with skincare regime, but it would be a lie. Fortunately for me, and just as I’m about to hit 30 (you know, when your skin and body tend to change slightly) Zoe Foster-Blake goes and launches a very honest and uncomplicated skincare line (impeccable timing Zoe). I love that it uses natural ingredients, but mostly I love that it’s easy to use, makes my skin feel amazing and has some very amusing usage instructions. You should definitely check it out.

Do you have any essentials to share? Please leave them in the comments below!


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