Meet the Maker My Little Perfect Artist

My Little Perfect art, design, illustration is the studio based practice of artist Maggie Vaiopoulos. It was the birth of her son that inspired the organic development of My Little Perfect. In her words he is ‘mylittleperfect’.

Maggie creates unique designs, combining her love of printmaking and painting with her passion for interiors and attempts to convey a sense of warmth in each product that can be shared with others.

The My Little Perfect range consists of art works, wall hangings, baby ware including fitted cot and bassinet sheets and organic wraps and greeting cards.

The other aim of My Little Perfect products is to provide a creative learning and sensory experience for children and parents to share together by encouraging an interaction or discourse about colours, textures and imagination. This underlying aim marries with the considered way the products are made. Every item is proudly designed and made in Melbourne, using local artisan business’ and manufacturers.

We caught up with Maggie to learn more about My Little Perfect.

Talk to me about your creative environment. Where is it? How did you set it up?

“My studio is located at the Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne which is home to over 150 creative practitioners.  It is small and when I first moved in I wanted to customise it so I painted the walls a lovely lolly pink and lavender. Even when its a bit messy it still looks cute!  The set-up consists of my two easels and my desk and yellow chair; it is my sanctuary.”

Are you a messy artist or do you ‘stay within the lines’?

“In terms of the subject matter of my work I fluctuate between being messy and staying within the lines.  As a printmaker and painter, each discipline allows for this.  I generally paint large pieces so I like them to be free and not too restrained giving them a sense of energy and movement.  My small prints however, are totally different and require a different skill set to the freedom of painting which is why I kind of get the best of both worlds and it keeps me balanced.  In terms of my studio however, when I am working it’s a mess!”

How many paints do you have in your workspace?

“I have a lot of paint! Probably 100 or so bottles and tubes of paint!”

Meet the Maker My Little Perfect Artist

Talk me through your creative process- what does it start with? How does it end?

“For me, my creative process is a combination of skill, art principles and my intuition.  When I am creating an artwork, I give myself permission to allow the process to unfold.  I try not too think about it too much because I find that it can limit the energy and movement of a piece.  You have to trust the process and use your confidence to know it will turn out as it should.  Does it end?  Well again in my experience when I feel like I am adding too much to a painting I know I should stop and leave it for a while.  I generally start a painting and leave it for about 2 weeks. This gives me a different perspective when I get back to complete it.”

What’s your favourite colour- why? 

“Blue is my favourite colour followed closely by yellow.  Blue is cool and creates a sense of calm.  Yellow is happy.  Generally, pale blue features heavily in my paintings because I want my viewer to feel calm when they are looking at the artwork.”

How do you come up with a design?

“My first consideration for a painting is always colour first, subject matter second.  I use a lot of vibrant colour in my work and I paint things that I would like to look at or that I think would look great in a certain space.  I’m inspired by the beach and am an avid shell collector.  I do life drawing and nude works as well, our bodies are incredible and individually beautiful.”

After a full day of work- how do you unwind? Or is creating and painting/ lino your ‘unwinding time?’

“I’m lucky enough to be able to paint and create as my job, although I see my creative profession as an extension of my being; my existence.  I have a beautiful 5 year old son who also keeps me on my toes!  So, for me, to sit on the couch and read is my relaxation.  As a creative, I am always on,  thinking of new ideas or the next project, so it is really important that I make time to to meditate.”

Meet the Maker My Little Perfect Artist

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