How To Get Biophilic Design At Home

Succulents and greenery have been such a monumental trend over our Insta feeds and on our Pinterest boards in 2018. In today’s blog post we chat to Co-Founder and Brand Manager of Plants in a Box, Ella Prince about all things biophilia.

If you have no idea what biophilia is, then this post will blow your mind and if you already know what it is, then keep reading for how to achieve it in your own home! 

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Biophilic design is the latest trend and it is said to increase your happiness, how does this work?

‘It is a concept based around bringing the natural world into our indoor environment in the form of plants, natural light, and fresh air.

This makes us happy because we’re naturally attracted to nature. By designing a living space that involves the natural world we can bring the great outdoors into our constructed lives and re-connect with our roots.’

So, What Exactly Is Biophilia?

‘Biophilia is a way of describing the genetic connection we have with the natural world.

We spend a lot of time indoors these days, and urbanisation is always increasing. We’ve more technology to occupy our minds, and less inclination to go outside. Unfortunately, this way of living disconnects us from green things, and it’ll only get worse as we continue to build cities in place of forests. 

Biophilia isn’t a choice. It’s how we’re built. Look at a plant that’s left in the dark. Without light and a connection to the outside world, it can’t grow strong – it’s the same for us and plants really do make us happy!’

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What Are The Benefits Of Biophilic Interior Design?

‘Studies show biophilic design really does improve health and well-being in offices and classrooms. It can work in your home space too.

Biophilic design reduces stress, prompts creativity, purifies the air, and brings all kinds of health benefits without us realising it’s happening. We just know we feel better when there’s nature in our modern built environment.’

Can you give us your top tips to achieving biophilia in your home or kids room?

‘When it comes to bringing the jungle into your kids’ rooms, or any space for that matter, we need to think about the light conditions. Does this room have nice filtered light, because we need to replicate a plant’s natural environment.

By knowing your light conditions, you can decide which plants to place where. Watch the sun in the morning and the evening to see if your light is full, indirect, or if it’s lacking light in general.

Another great way is to stand in your room and ask yourself ‘Could I live in here’? If it’s hot and stuffy, then no. In addition, If there’s no light at all then a plant won’t survive there either.

If the room is dull, make it lighter and brighter. You can do this by paring back window coverings, keep those blinds up, and open the windows for part of the day. This will help to let in fresh air. Just don’t let them burn from the harsh sun.

Then choose plants wisely so they suit the light. There are lots of plants that suit different living spaces.’

How should one go about choosing plants to incorporate into their home or kids room?

‘Once you understand the light conditions, think about how much care you are able to give a plant. If you’re short on time or forgetful, then it’s best to choose forgiving plants!

Then, shop for plants best suited to your needs. Here are a few packs we’ve made up for biophilic design.

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Biophilia At Bedtime

‘You spend a third of your life snuggled up in bed, so this space should be a calm place to rest and recuperate.

By adding foliage to your bedroom design, you can stay connected to nature as you sleep, breathing in its clean oxygen. This can be a simple potted plant on the bedside table, a hoya dangling from your bookshelf, or a mix of folia throughout.

Every room will benefit from a touch of green and as long as the pots fit and you’ve sorted the light conditions you can go around placing them everywhere like a crazy person!’

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‘Plants need water, but often they’re killed because they get too much to drink.

We love these simple ways to make sure your plants get the right amount.

Sustees, which look like pens but they measure how much water is in the soil, then tell you when to top up.’


‘Don’t be scared of plants! They’re not hard work. You just need to crack light levels and watering requirements. Then, you can give in to your natural biophilia and fill your home with greenery.

We’re biased, but you can’t beat a room full of healthy plants and biophilic design – it just makes you feel good.’

We’d like to say a special thanks to Ella and the team at Plants in a Box for helping us bring this amazing blog post together as well as providing one of our very lucky readers with 3 Self Watering Pots and 3 Plants to kick start their biophilic room design! Click here to enter the giveaway. 

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