Renting Rules : Expert Tips for Decorating in your Rental Property

Decorating a rental room for kidsRenting your home generally means you are unable to paint or swap out fixtures to suit your style.  However, it also means you are off the hook to repair a roof, or replace a hot water tank!

We consulted interiors expert Donna Vercoe for her top tips on decorating your rental rooms with removable style!


As a renter, you are no doubt conscious of budget; whether saving for a new home or just managing to keep a roof over your head.  When it comes to decorating a child’s room, use a combination of purchasing options. 

Invest in quality pieces that you only need to buy once.  If you need a chair for nursing, look for one that can be used elsewhere in the future. Friends and family are more than happy to pass on hand- me-downs. A coat of paint may be all that is required to personalise a timber high chair or crib. Ask around to see what items they may want to pass on.

Buy second-hand off Gumtree and eBay for items that babies and children use for a short while and are unlikely to wear out, which you can then pay forward when the time comes.


Children’s rooms are a great space in which to play around with fun, colourful rugs.  Choose a rug that is both comfortable to sit on, and acts as a focal point, drawing the eye away from what may be less than desirable flooring. 


Command hooks can be a renter’s best friend. Use them to hang artwork, pinboards, mirrors and clocks.

Be warned that they can rip off the wall when bearing too much weight, despite the manufacture’s recommendation.  They are best suited to lightweight items.


Lighting is an easy fix in a rented space.  You can avoid using unattractive overhead lighting and instead use desk lamps, floor lamps, clamp lamps for bunk beds to create lighting to suit your needs.  Some lights have dimmable options, which are great for children’s rooms.  A wider selection of USB charged lamps are becoming available, which are perfect for those dark corners where there are no electrical outlets.


If you are keen, removable wallpaper is a great temporary fix for boring walls.  If the thought of hanging wallpaper is daunting, there are a variety of removable wall stickers on the market.  Some come as scenes, while others come as shapes, where you can get creative with your own design.


Toy mess can be hidden away in attractive storage baskets.  Look for options with lids, to hide the clutter when not in use.  As you are unlikely to be able to secure a bookcase to a wall for security, use attractive storage boxes on their sides to contain a budding book collection.

rental tipsDonna Vercoe is an Interior Designer based in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Donna has a passion for history, colour theory, spatial planning, and storytelling. Working together with the client, she transfers these skills to interior spaces that are unique, personable, calming and comfortable as well as functional.

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