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It took three babies for me to discover the magic of baby wearing and I have made it my sole purpose in life to share with any new mother, the amazing benefits that come with it.

For those of you with a couple of kids or more, you’ll understand what a juggle it is to sooth an unsettled newborn while simultaneously tearing open a banana for a 6 year old and chasing around a 3 year old who has just spilt yoghurt down her dress. There. Are. Never. Enough. Hands. So you can imagine my utter delight/relief/hysteria when a friend gifted me a Chekoh Baby Wrap.

With products that are both fashionable and comfortable, as well as safe, I knew this product would completely change the way I coped with motherhood in those early months. Being able to pop on my Chekoh Wrap and safely tuck Max in while we ran errands, attended school and sport activities and even during that dreaded 5pm crazy hour, quite literally saved my sanity. I chatted to Chekoh Owner and Designer, Krystal earlier this month about all thing baby-wearing and business and so I could quietly thank her for selflessly launching her brand to make my life easier. So lovely of her.

 Tell us about Chekoh and how it all started:

“I fell in love with baby wearing with my first son after purchasing a handmade ring sling from Etsy. I’d searched online and couldn’t find any styles I loved locally, so I started my own little range for family, then friends and then friends of friends. Before long my tiny little handmade label started to grow and because I knew it was a product that was so super useful in my day to day life with 3 baby boys, I knew I had to work out a way to scale our growth.

Things all seemed to fall into place quite quickly to be honest, my designs were trendy, our product was safe and a ‘must have’ for new mums so it was all about clever business development, great customer service and attention. I never imagined to grow to the level we are currently at, it’s been one wild ride juggling family life, mum life, work life and a new business on top of it all but I feel like we’ve made it through the toughest times and I’ve loved every moment.”

Tell us about your own little tribe:

“I have 3 gorgeous little boys, 5, 4 and nearly 3 (3 in 3 years, it was just as crazy as you can imagine). I launched Chekoh when my youngest son was 8 weeks old and managed to juggle the work life/mum life balance as best I could.  My husband and I were both shift workers and this helped to make the most of having our littles ones home between the two of us and synchronised shifts.

I resigned from my Federal Government position after 14 years of service late last year to be able to fully focus on my business and the first crucial years of school for my boys.  My oldest Lennox has just started Prep this year and it’s been a blessing to be home every day for school pickups and drop offs, awards and tuck shop duty. We also travel quite a bit, our carriers are manufactured by a small family run business in Bali and also have family who reside on the island so we travel there 2-3 times a year which is such a bonus.”

What made you jump into the world of small business?

“I guess it was my love for our product and the amazing benefits it provides.  I honestly could not have functioned without baby wearing (even a trip to the super market is a struggle when you have 3 hands to hold).  I’ve always a been interested in the fourth trimester of motherhood and keeping my babies close, and with our carriers being so easy to use and so practical, it was really a must to help other parents appreciate this ‘tool’ and provide a carrier that would appeal to them, and at an affordable price point. I have no regrets and try to encourage other women who have similar goals and drive to jump in and do it, be proud of your product, make it the best you can and treat people well. You will find that always works.”

What do you wish you knew at the start of this adventure?

“Just how big and how quick things could move! Also to trust myself and the process, those days of self-doubt were many, but believing in my product and my passion has stood the test of time.”

How does it make you feel to see Mums; young, old and new, loving and using your products?

“I honestly ‘fan girl’ every time I see our products in the wild! I still cannot believe it. When I see a Mum or Dad wearing a smile, with baby looking so cute and cosy – it just makes my cheeks glow. Definitely the best part of my job right there!”

What sets Chekoh apart from others in your industry?

“Our style and designs are definitely a head turner.  I was hesitant to launch our Leopard design at first but from day one this has been a top seller.  I think modern parents want a little choice of what they wear; we have safety and comfort covered so why not add a little extra style?

Also our unique blend of Bamboo and Spandex fabric (which is great for the environment), helps to combat any extra length and bulk of other standard carriers.  Chekoh Wraps are ‘free size’ and will work for parents from a size 6-26.”

What’s next for you and Chekoh?

“We always have something on the go, be it new colour collections, expos to attend, our involvement in the baby wearing community and right now, new product development. We have two new pieces which we are hoping to launch in the next 6-12 months, and are based on items I personally made for myself to help get me through the baby days. Continued growth and increased interaction with our customers is what we aim for the future.”

If the growth of Chekoh was based on the level of convenience provided to new mums when wearing their products, we are set to see this brand skyrocket. Kind of makes me want to have another baby, just to get those amazing baby – wearing feels back again.

You can connect with Chekoh on Facebook and Instagram.

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baby wearing

*Some of our posts are sponsored however we only ever endorse products we absolutely believe in and would have happily promoted regardless.

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