Buying for Giving – The Kudu and Mimi Leather Tote

Kudu and Mimi – Two Worlds Apart, One World Together

Oh I do love good cause!

When I heard of sisters Tahni and Sarah and their passion for helping children with chronic health conditions in resource poor communities, I knew it was a story I had to share.

Kudu and Mimi

A recently established Social Enterprise, these entrepreneurial sisters were driven by their passion for business and creative projects from an early age. ‘It started from our younger days when we used to make jewellery and sell to our friends. Looking back on that time I laugh (also a little embarrassed) about the things we were making and how daggy they were’ says Tahni. But the passion never left them and  lead them to their shared vision- Kudu and Mimi.

Like everything in this business, the name is full of meaning.  ‘The name Kudu and Mimi came from the names of my eldest daughter’s toys. One of her favourite’s from Africa (Kudu) and the other (Mimi) is what she wanted me to call my third child and what she calls most of her toys, along with ‘Oo Oo’ and ‘Siala’’ explains Tahni.

But the real driving force behind Kudu and Mimi is the passion Sarah and Tahni share for helping others. ‘Not only do we want to create unique, high quality products, but we also want to give back to charity, so in purchasing from Kudu and Mimi our chosen children’s charities will benefit. We want people to consider where their item came from, who made it and who is going to benefit from their purchase.’

Ethical practice is paramount for Kudu and Mimi and care is taken to ensure that the business follows ethical practices every step of the way – from initial design to completed production.

Lotus Feather Totes

The Kudu and Mimi Lotus Feather Totes launch with an exclusive pre-sale this week.

This stunning range includes a tote and a travel bag – both carefully thought through, stylish and incredibly practical. The addition of the nappy bag combo kit turns this tote into the nappy bag the market has been looking for!

‘Our bags are made with high quality cow hide and the the leather is dyed through. All our fixtures and fittings are electro plated solid brass, the zippers are YKK and the lining is made from a durable, wipeable material so the bag is perfect for mums but also not limited to mums as it is multi functional’ explains Sarah.

Kudu and Mimi 2017 Lotus Feather Collection will be supporting Australian based charity organisation CLAN (Caring & Living as Neighbours). CLAN supports children living with chronic health conditions in resource poor communities. Each purchase from the 2017 collection will buy a life a saving kit for a child with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia in one of these communities. Should these children living with this condition face life threatening situations these kits will save their life.

‘The gap between developing countries and developed countries can feel like we are two worlds apart, but we can close this gap, becoming one world together.’

Take advantage of the Lotus Feather Pre-sale HERE

Learn more about Kudu and Mimi HERE

Learn more about CLAN HERE



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