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Today we chat to sisters Naomi and Tenille who are both owners of the stylish kids decor store, Poppy’s Little Treasures. 

Noami is the behind the scenes girl who does everything from website design to marketing and ordering. Tenille is the face of the bricks and mortar Poppy’s Little Treasures store in Penrith which she manages. There is nothing we love more at Minty than seeing strong, amazing mumma’s turn their hard work and passion into a business.

With a new rattan range that is absolutely gorgeous, they are making waves in the interiors industry. 

Poppy’s Little Treasure’s start up story comes from humble beginnings with their own market stall which eventually grew to be the store they are today.

Poppy’s Little Treasures is not only an online boutique but also a bricks and mortar store based in Penrith, Sydney. Can you tell us a little bit more about the dynamic of your business as both online and also being a physical store?

‘At Poppy’s we pride ourselves on our customer service both instore and online.

We strive to have constant changes and activity within our store while maintaining our online presence.’

We love that you have your own brand “Ice Cream & Soda”. What inspired you to create this range?

Ice Cream & Soda is a range inspired by our creative flare. We have both always had a love for design and use our brand as an outlet to express ourselves.’

What is your design process when picking colours and styles for new products?

‘Our design process is simple and based around our own style and the individual styles of our own children. This is who we draw most of our inspiration from!

Our children each have their own unique sense of style and we try to incorporate that where ever we can.

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What is next for Poppy’s Little Treasures that your customers and our readers can look out for in the future?

‘We have already taken the next step into our new  rattan range!

This exciting new line has seen us create our own range for dolls, as the creators of the first “Rainbow” Dolls bassinet, as well as creations for children, babies and beyond. We look forward to releasing unique and timeless pieces.’

How do you both manage the challenge of being mummas to 10 kids total as well as being business owners? 

The key to our success in maintaining our busy lifestyle is – Family and just as importantly friends who become family!

We lean on and bounce off each other. The support of our families is paramount. We simply couldn’t have achieved all we have without being surrounded by their love and support.

Who are your go-to Instagram accounts for style inspo?


Poppy's Little Treasure Kids Decor Design
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What aspect do you both find most rewarding about working with your sister on your business?

‘Our understanding of each other! Some days some conversations need not even be spoken because we are both just on the same wavelength. We’ve been known to show for meetings wearing the same outfit totally unplanned. We have a confidence in each other and the decisions one another make & between us both we can cover all aspects of our small business.

3 key words that describe your brands style?

1. Relaxed
2. Unique
3. Edgy

Anything else you’d like to add?

‘We would like to thank all of our customers and followers for their ongoing support, As well as our suppliers and fellow small business owners alike.

We draw inspiration from many and hope that we too can inspire other mums to pursue their dreams.’

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Image By @justy_olive

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