Behind the Brand: Have A Nice Day

Designed to actively engage children during play time, the range from Have A Nice Day offer the perfect opportunity to stimulate imagination and encourage creativity and learning. 

Jake Diaz designer and creative, is passionate about sharing the benefits of proper play time. “When our kids are playing with our toys we see them exploring the world around them and using their creativity to take them into far away places.”

Jake grew up building things on the weekend with his brothers and his Dad in the garage. Similarly, it’s a tradition he has continued with his own three kids and the inspiration behind their family business.

have a nice day


Children thrive in an environment where they have toys that stimulate their growth and development. Above all, it’s important that kids can develop creative thinking and the ability to work through a process logically.

“Playtime with your kids is the fun part of being a parent! It’s when you get to switch off and really connect with your children,” he says.

The fun starts as soon as you open the box! The play set spills onto the floor in pieces, challenging children and adults with the assembly. As a result, a stronger emotional connection is developed as they construct the kit and see it come together. Involving the parents or carers to participate offers a fantastic opportunity to connect through play.

“I am always being told that I am a big kid,” he admits. “Have A Nice Day is a perfect outlet for me to design toys and furniture that kids (and big kids!) love.”


Family is an integral part of the business. Jake’s wife Dominique is an amazing all-rounder and book-keeper. They make the big decisions together and constantly bounce ideas of each other but most importantly, time spent as a family is their ultimate goal. 

“The happiness of our family is priority number one,” Jake insists. “Have A Nice Day wouldn’t work without the combination of Dom’s level-headedness and reasoning and my constant search for innovation and creativity.”

Jake still finds it hard to believe that playing with his children can be classified as work! “Having the flexibility to spend time together as a family makes all the hard work completely worth it.”

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