Dutch Warehouse is a children’s home and decor store created and run by Dutch mum of three boys, Annemarie. Dutch Warehouse is all about ethically made unique homewares that are just simply stylish!

We chat about all things business, organisation, trends and we give you our top 3 product picks! 

Annemarie, can you tell us the story of how you came to be in Australia and how Dutch Warehouse began? 

‘About 8 years ago, my husband and I moved to Australia to seek adventure and to fill our love for travelling. We were also curious if a life overseas, far away from our family and friends would be something we would be able to do and well here we are, 8 years and 3 kids later living a beautiful life in sunny Brisbane.

In 2016 I was pregnant with my third boy, Jack Hunter when I knew I wanted to start a business from home. As a Dutchie I just missed the stylish, Scandinavian style home decor items I could always so easily find back in Holland. My husband could not really see where I wanted to go with this, but I kept pushing through and told him my gut said this was going to work. Now almost 3 years later I’m running a full time business from home, steadily growing each year and in the meantime I can take care of my 2, 4 and 6 year old.’

Being a mum to 3 boys plus running a killer Instagram as well as owning your own business must be crazy busy! What do you do to stay organized?

‘It is totally crazy and chaotic, but I managed to make it work somehow. Running a business from home means being organised (which I’m not by the way), but when you have a passion for what you do, it can work in some weird way. My eldest goes to school while the other two are still at home, but go to kindy twice a week.

I usually wake up receiving big cuddles from my boys, chat with them about what’s to come that day and then spend some time on my phone to post on IG. I try to post twice a day, but only if it feels right/ I have inspiration and I have time on my hands. Making a list on Monday for what my priorities are in that particular week also helps, even if I just get to do two things of that list.’

What do you have planned for Dutch Warehouse in the near future?

‘There are some exciting changes coming up which I can’t tell you too much about it yet though. I have grown and so has the business and with growth comes change. A new and exciting chapter lies ahead of us, so definitely stay tuned in the new year!

Long term plan/ goal: My husband and I are both passionate about creating, working with our hands and we would love to explore this part more. Setting up a brick and mortar store/ workshop and letting our creativity flow… that would be amazing. We can all dream right?’

What has been your favorite trend for kids interiors in 2018?

‘The natural tones and materials, the woven textures…yes I’m loving this trend of eclectic, natural decor, and with this finding the calm and peace in your home.’

Do you have any trend predictions or products we should look out for in 2019?

‘I have a feeling that animal patterns, yellow/ mustard tones and natural materials will still be very much on trend in 2019. Also sustainable decor, focussing on using and buying less plastic will get even bigger next year!’


‘This mostly happens whilst searching on IG, finding new and exciting feeds/ businesses and Pinterest will always give me loads of inspiration. I also browse through my favourite Dutch IG accounts like @vtwonen, @hkliving and check out the upcoming trends. I feel Europe is always a bit ahead of us with interior design and trends.’

We know Dutch Warehouse is all about ethically made homewares. Can you tell us a little bit more about how you source international products?

‘First of all when I approach a supplier (or when I get approached by them), I ask about their work process and if they are a family owned business. I stalk their IG (if they have one), check our their website and ask about the working conditions. I would love to be able to travel and actually meet the suppliers and makers of the beautiful products they create. This would be my absolute dream!’

Who are your go-to Instagram accounts you love and why?

– Onyx&Smoke. This is such a hard working mama boss, she opens up about herself on Stories and the struggles we can have running a business and taking care of our children at the same time which I can totally relate with. On a business level I think it’s so great how she constantly renews her collection which makes you want to come back to her page and website all the time. She just has a great concept, with beautiful products.

– Threebirdsrenovations. These ladies are a total inspiration for many reasons. They are totally rocking it in the interior and renovating businessl!! I love their clean, bright and white styling and watching their big projects coming to life.

– Villastyling. I had the pleasure meeting Louise in person. She is so kind, talented and very down to earth. I check her posts daily for her impeccable way of styling and amazing photos. The combination of white interiors, greenery and small splashes of colour.. there is no one who captures these things better than her.

Who are your biggest influencers when it comes to kids interior design and décor?

-@teamtonkin for her clever photography, great styling skills and use of colour.

[email protected] for her styling skills and super high quality photos, they are simply perfect every time!

[email protected]  sells the most beautiful brands, has a great variety of styling, newborn and product shots in her feed, such a huge inspiration for me!

-@numero74_official for their use of natural materials, beautiful tones and handmade products that seem to be loved worldwide.


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